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Google Adds +1 Aka The Like

March 31  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

This is fresh news hot off the press, and it has be a tad worried. Google is implementing a new social feature to their search engine similar to that of Facebook’s Like button. This is most likely not going to make much of a difference, although, you never know for those locked into a heaty top 10 SERP. I won’t go into it much because the feature is pretty self explanatory, and will only be used if you’re logged into your Google account. I do see how easy this is going to be gamed by black hats, but that’s not much of a big deal either as links are already as easily spammed. I’ll let the video do the rest, or one of the 100’s of other blogs that covered this news today already…dupe filter here we come!

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Social Media Influences Your Google Ranking

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January 24  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

Some big news from the top stating, once and for all, that yes, social media will be affecting your rankings.

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Connect With Me Socially

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August 25  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve been so bogged down with client work and my own Ecommerce project I’ve had little time to write a good post. I have a few in the works that are going to help a lot of you out there, and I still have an Ecommerce SEO/Link Building guide in the works. I’ve had to cut down on the resources in that article or I think I’d have to charge for the information :)

We setup an Ecommerce shop a little under a year ago and have come a long way in regards to the marketing aspects, so I hope to bring a lot to the table with my guide. Building links naturally for an online shop is a little bit tougher, and if you don’t have money to put into it, I wouldn’t bother trying to compete.

I wanted to take the time here to connect with you folks socially and become friends on the various social networks. If you have an account on any of the following feel free to add me as a friend, and if you like, send over some content you think I’d like to see.

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Link Building With

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February 10  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

CrunchBase is a product of TechCrunch and is a great resource for listing your business, startup or web app. The business directory is very cleanly designed and easy to flow around, and if you take a peek at a business listing you’ll notice you get a do follow link. CrunchBase is not a free for all, you have to be a related company and go through a reviewing process. It is completely free which is great, you get the link from a very authoritative site and the chance to attract some business or capital.

If you’re a consultant or provide services you’ll be happy to know you can add your services to CrunchBase, as well make your own personal profile which links back to your service or company. Person profiles also include the luxury of a link, as well links to your social media pages which helps give them some extra juice.

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Link Building With

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February 10  |  Link Building, Social Media Sites  |   Ryan Clark

I was checking out new content sites and came across this wonderful web 2.0 knowledge sharing website called This easy to use and navigate site has a blend of articles sites, social networking and social voting on the content. The social voting built into the site sets them apart from a lot of other article sites, and I don’t think I can even get away with calling them an article site. This is a site you won’t be able to get crappy content onto, so make sure you’re there to write some quality and unique content.

Eioba is great for promoting top notch content because they allow you to get a dofollow link within your article, and if it gets pushed to the front page you’ll push more weight to that link. If you start to become an expert, you can promote your own blog a lot more and gain fans and friends on the site. I highly recommend signing up and giving it a try by writing a few articles and voting.

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January 7  |  Social Bookmarking, Social Media Sites  |   Ryan Clark is a pretty new social news sites for the marketing community both online and off. By the looks of its Alexa Ranking, has been pushed since the end of December and has been climbing at a decent rate since its launch. I submitted my article Link Building & Social Media Marketing For Women which made it to the front page within a day or so. The traffic as expected wasn’t quite productive just yet, but that could also be due to my content so see for yourself;

The site seems to be getting quite active in regards to voting and user comments which is a good sign. The sites layout is really slick, clean and user friendly so it presents the media quite well. As an online markter I like the mix of offline marketing news that is on the site, it gives me a different angle on things and we all should be looking at all aspects of marketing. If you want to you can sign up for free and start submitting and taking part in the community.

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Getting Value From Social Media Links

November 18  |  Link Building Videos  |   Ryan Clark

This week we’ve got a quick and dirty Whiteboard Friday about how to make use of all of those social media profiles you’ve been building. The trick: don’t let them sit idle! You’ve got to network them a little in order for them to do you any good (read: links and rank).

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Obama & McCain Compared Digitally

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November 2  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

As we all should be aware of as link builders and Internet marketers is to watch other sites succeeding online in regards to getting their image/message out there. Since Barack Obama has been on the campaign trail he has employed some very crafty online marketers, and if you divulge into his online strategy, you’ll see just how viral someone can go.

The way this election has been going, especially in the last week, it seems that Barack has a good lead out on McCain both in the polls and on the web. I wanted to take a quick look at both their websites to see if it will “predict”(used loosely) the outcome of the election.

First let’s take a looksy with Yahoo’s site explorer to determine the number of backlinks for both domains, both candidates use for social media, Google Trends and finally Alexa. From what I’ve seen by using only these few tools is that Barack Obama has clearly put the Internet to good use over his opponent.


So we can start to see that Barack has a lead over McCain when it comes to the number of backlinks, and I think we can all agree that more than 60% of these links are obtained through viral means, mostly within blog entries. Obviously there never has been an election covered as much online and this has. I highly recommend you all take a look at the links they’ve obtained just for educational purposes, but don’t bother goin through a million of them! Next lets take a look at Google Trends because from this first bit of evidence, we should see that Barack Obama is leading the pack in terms of search queries;

Ok so no surprise there. The younger generation has been behind Barack which is another good reason why he has such a larger web presence. Next we can take a look at Alexa comparing both candidates domains to see who has been getting more traffic. Now I’m aware Alexa isn’t the worlds greatest traffic meter, but it should be good enough for our little experiment;

Again that’s no surprise to me…If you go take a look at Youtube, both candidates have made use of this free video sharing website. John McCain has 28,217 channel subscribers, and has 2,015,088 channel views. Barack Obama has 113,659 channel subscribers, and a whopping 18,330,318 channel views. Barack leads out with roughly more than 16 million voters he’s had a chance to convince, and all from a free service.

I hope all of you folks go out and vote for whoever that may be. Up north here in Canada we’ve been watching your election process closely, and I can think of only one thing to safely say on behalf of Canada. At least you folks can finally all agree that a certain president that has been in house for the last 8 years isn’t working out any more.

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