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Social eCommerce Made Easy With VendingBox

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April 7  |  Ecommerce SEO  |   Ryan Clark

The amount of companies doing sales through Facebook and Twitter is a surprisingly large amount compared to a couple of years ago. I’m sure most of us can all remember the amazing numbers Dell pulled off back in “the day” with Twitter, so what can be done with Facebook? Well, a lot actually. Without getting into a list of sorts we’ll just be focusing on one really nice piece of social ecommerce software called VendingBox.

With the amount of time spent on Facebook, people shouldn’t really have to go far to buy products..well, in my humble opinion of course. I’m sure you online shop owners don’t mind at all either although you might be worried about having to manage another shop platform. Luckily for you and even I (who runs his own eCommerce shop), VendingBox has done a damn fine job of making this process a breeze. The features are too many to list, so if you’re interested already, check the ginormous feature’s list that they have on their site.

The look and feel of VendingBox is what really made me sign up within the first 5 minutes of being on the site, so for that, check out their oh so sexy examples. Having something that looks goods always increases sales, so that backed with your brand recognition should do wonders for sales. The compatibility with our popular shopping carts makes it accessible for a lot of people, just another feature that had me drooling quite quickly. You can pretty much sign up and have your web design team go at it, and if they can’t have it up and configured in a week then you need a new design team!

What does it cost? This is perhaps the best part for smaller shops, and a reasonable option for you big brands out there. There is no setup cost, there is no monthly fee but just a cut of your transactions. For those making really small margins, this setup perhaps isn’t the best option for your. VendingBox takes %2.9 of your sales from their software, but only if you accumulate more than $100 in monthly sales…sounds fair doesn’t it? Some of the limits at the moment are you can have up to only 1000 products listed, so that’s not too much of a downfall. I’m thankful my shop doesn’t have more than 50 products because that’s hard enough to manage! I found this great little video from Youtube user DailyNerdVids who put together a showcase of how it all comes together.

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