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January 27  |  Link Building, Social Bookmarking  |   Ryan Clark

If you’re a student, teacher or somehow involved in the education community you’ll be pleased to hear about Edtags. This social bookmarking site is not dofollow but that’s fine with me because the content being pushed is all related and quality. They’ve obviously had a problem with spamming in the past because registration requires you to email them to get in. This makes my posting job much easier in regards to warning people not to spam, so if you have a great education site get in touch with them.

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January 27  |  Link Building, Social Bookmarking  |   Ryan Clark

Quad Riot is another social bookmarking site in the sea of many except it surpasses most of them in regards to site quality. I’ve been seeing a good chunk of social spam showing up on the frontpage which is obviously being voted with ill gotten accounts. It’s sad to see because the site is well designed and has a good number of indexed pages to go along with its PageRank of 5. If you create great content that should be seen by the masses then I urge you to start using Quad Riot and take it back from the spammers. Since the links are dofollow you’ll build up your link profile and hopefully fill up that front page with quality content.

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OnlyWire Social Bookmarking Tool

January 10  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

Onlywire has been a favorite bookmarking tool of mine and I’ve been meaning to to an updated post for a while now. Before I start I like to mention that this is in no way paid for and out of the respect and thanks I have for the use I’ve got out of this tool. OnlyWire has come a long way since its first version and with the latest update to 2.0 it keeps itself ahead of every other tool like it on the market, both free and paid.

OnlyWire is the only publicly available social bookmarking tool that submits to a handful of sites at the click of a button. Most of the others like Social Poster and Social Marker, require you to still load the sites and go through the submission process. The software submits to the usual suspects of the top social bookmarking sites available, so you’re getting your sites onto the places that matter instead of a host of low quality bookmarking sites. Onlywire requires you to store your account information with them, but it is built on a very secure platform that was designed to make sure your information stays private.

Of course they have got almost every base covered when it comes to browser bookmarklets which are ready and available. This is perhaps the easiest way to use OnlyWire’s bookmarking platform and only takes a few seconds to send your link to the 25+ bookmarks they offer. Remember to update your user information for each bookmarking site within your OnlyWire account, and make sure to check periodically that your account is still active. The browsers that are supported are of course Internet Explorer, Firefox and the new Google Chrome. They’ve also been generous enough to make bookmarklets for Safari and Opera which just goes to show how in tune they are with the open source community.

OnlyWire is available for free under certain conditions as well you can pay a very small fee to avoid the requirements of the free use. If you have a website you can easily use OnlyWire for free but applying the bookmark button onto your website. If you have a blog that is running on the WordPress platform there is a plugin you can use which takes care of everything for you. You can see mine in action by scrolling down to the bottom of this post, right under the massive list of bookmarking chiclets I have listed. The pricing is very affordable with a monthly cost of $2.99 or if you pay the $24.99 yearly price you can save %30. This is very affordable and fair because the server usage it must cost them can get up there and we wouldn’t have this great tool otherwise.

The last feature up is possibly my second favorite part of the tool, and if you’re a programmer you’ll love it too. They offer their API so you can configure it to automatically submit your new pages and posts on the fly without having to do any extra work. The API is limited to 5 posts per day, but I imagine they would take payment to allow more. If anyone from OnlyWire reads this feel free to elaborate on that in the comments. The API commands are pretty straight forward and you shouldn’t have too much of a problem implementing it within your website.

I hope you folks enjoy the tool and get some great use out of it. I encourage you to leave some comments on what you think of OnlyWire, good or bad. I would love to hear from some of the staff as well with any tips, comments or insight on what they have planned next for this amazing tool. I personally would love to see a few more sites added in but I know how much of a pain it can be getting auto submitting working with certain sites. I tried in the past to program my own tool just like this but ended up with a big fat FAIL!

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January 7  |  Social Bookmarking, Social Media Sites  |   Ryan Clark is a pretty new social news sites for the marketing community both online and off. By the looks of its Alexa Ranking, has been pushed since the end of December and has been climbing at a decent rate since its launch. I submitted my article Link Building & Social Media Marketing For Women which made it to the front page within a day or so. The traffic as expected wasn’t quite productive just yet, but that could also be due to my content so see for yourself;

The site seems to be getting quite active in regards to voting and user comments which is a good sign. The sites layout is really slick, clean and user friendly so it presents the media quite well. As an online markter I like the mix of offline marketing news that is on the site, it gives me a different angle on things and we all should be looking at all aspects of marketing. If you want to you can sign up for free and start submitting and taking part in the community.

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Dwellicious Social Bookmarking For Real Estate

January 6  |  Link Building, Social Bookmarking  |   Ryan Clark

Dwellicious is set to launch January 7th, 2009 and I thought I would sneak in this post a day early. I’ve been following this web 2.0 app for a while now and the buzz surrounding it has been large! A lot of you may have heard about this already, and my real estate clients have been also talking about it to me quite a bit. Now the idea is of course a clone of Delicious geared towards the real estate crowd, but for both consumers and agents. The folks behind this project were very smart about going about the design, and taking on all the food features of Delcious which makes using this a breeze. Since they had consumers in mind firsthand, this should generate a lot of user traffic and allow for Realtors to get highly targeted leads.

You can sign up already and get started with Dwellicious, and you’ll be happy to hear it works with most web browsers, even Google Chrome! Once you’re ready to go you can start browsing real estate listing, and when you’ve found something you like, it’s a breeze to bookmark with fully detail notes and tags. Of course you have the option to make your findings private or public, and you can easily share with friends and family members. Currently a lot of the web 2.0 real estate websites are already onboard. Some of the sites include Remax, Craigslist, Zillow, and so many more!

From all the clients I deal with, I can easily say that realtors are some of the most techically advanced when it comes to marketing online, so this web app came as no surprise. I would really like to hear back from other Realtors about what they think, and I’ll be bringing this to the attention of the good folks over at Real Estate Webmasters.

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Building Readers With

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December 31  |  Link Building, Social Bookmarking  |   Ryan Clark

Earnersclub is a great hub for the SEO/SEM/Webmaster community and provides a new source for traffic to your blog. The links are not dofollow, but I’m after the traffic that’s involved here and I’ve been using the site more and more lately. Not only does this dive into the realm of what Sphinn covers, but it also goes into the money making niche deeply with a vast section of great links to information I don’t normally come across….and it’s all about making money. They also have a vast array of buttons for your website, browser plugins to easily submit content on the go and of course a handy WordPress plugin to let your readers vote up your stories. I’m kind of in a toss up to switch it over from Sphinn, but for now I’ll try and get this added to my socialize this plugin for WordPress. I highly recommend all your folks out there in these niches to join up and start voting and submitting your good content.

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Link Building With

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December 31  |  Link Building, Social Bookmarking  |   Ryan Clark

JigJak is a cool social bookmarking site that I’ve discovered lately, so it may be new to some and old news to others! I’ve been using it to bookmark some quality articles on here and I’m happy to say that JigJak is dofollow and I’m enjoying the link juice to my content. The community on the site seems very active and serious about keeping the quality in order on the site. JigJak also has around 6200+ pages indexed in Google so that’s a good sign they’re doing decent and aoff to a good start. I really liked the member community section which shows a visual map of the world and where most of the active users are, it ads a nice little touch. They also offer blogs to members so you can write your own content on the network and get it promoted within the site. This website is absolutely free and you can go ahead and sign up, but please do not spam.

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Which Link Building Techniques Will Google Penalize Next?[Poll]

December 22  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about certain link building methods that will eventually end up getting drowned out like directory links and paid links in blog posts. Since I’ve been writing this blog and link building full time my eyes have been opened wide to the amount of places to build links, and even the amount of new places opening up. Obviously the easiest methods will be the ones to get abused the most, and I’m starting to wonder what’s next in line for a good old fashioned Google smacking? I’m hoping to get enough votes from you folks to determine what you think it will be, and get an insight to what you’re seeing getting spammed the most lately. I’ll write my explanation out below for reasons why I have them on the list, and if you think I missed an important technique on here let me know!

[polldaddy poll=1220147]

Do Follow Blog Commenting: I know that do follow blog comment is a two way street and can either be beneficial or get you in the dog house. I’ve put this option on the list because these days I’m seeing a ratio of 90% spam comments/anchor’s and about 10% in real and quality comments. Since the commenting process can also be an automated one, we’ve all seen auto commenting scripts in the wild doing a nasty job. I can easily see sites getting into “bad neighborhoods” because of excess amounts of spam comments on their site, which would lead to a penalty for the spamming site.

Submitting .pad Software: Well this is still a great method for building solid links on very authoritative software sites, I’m starting to see the spammers making use of this technique for unethical reasons. It has gotten to the point that I’m seeing people selling Ebooks with this as the prime “secret” they teach amateur online marketers to gain top ranking spots. I imagine in the near future these software download sites will start getting looked at just like the directory industry has, and if you take a look there are a lot of low quality software download sites with this type of spam all over them.

Forum Signatures: This link building method had me wondering if I should even mention it, but like I stated before about methods that are easily automated will generally come under the ban hammer, this is one of them. Now I am not against getting links via signatures if you’re active on a niche related forum, and there not just to spam your siggy. But I’m not seeing companies who offer forum signature links and spamming by the thousands, and this is setting off a flag in my mind. It has me wondering if Google might eventually come up with some sort of quality checking.

Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is a great method for not only building links but getting targeted traffic as well. There is already a strong spam presence on almost every
bookmarking site out there, and with the sheer number of them popping up is going to dilute the amount of link juice you would have once got. I can easily see the same thing that happened to the directory industry to social bookmarking if it isn’t already happening.

Linkbaiting: Linkbaiting is by far the hottest link building method to come out recently and its great for getting links, but most importantly links from related sites. I like this method because it forces you to first create great content to earn those links, so there is little room for evil….keyword here being little. I’ve seen a good number of ‘out of context’ articles with linkbait titles and sometimes just downright misleading information. Because this information can be seen by a large volume of readers this can pose a serious risk to influencing people for good or bad.

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