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November 27  |  Link Building Tools, Social Bookmarking  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve been involved in creating a failed web based social bookmarking tool that was completely automated which never worked out fully. Most likely it was for the best because I can only imagine the evils that it would have been used for in the long run. There are a handful of useful social bookmarking tools and software out there so I thought I’d list off my favorites. Some of these sites pretty much do the same thing, it just all depends on how you like the method they use to lead you through a social bookmarking journey that will leave you asking, “Where the hell did my two hours go”. I’ve used Only Wire for a couple of years now and it’s the easiest in regards to submitting without going to every site. I tried to create a tool modeled after this one except for one difference, it would submit to 100-150 social bookmarking sites instead of 30. Their new 2.0 release is nothing short of amazing except for the not so free pricing. You can use it for free under certain conditions, which are fair when you think of what it costs to host this tool. My favorite new feature is the API they release which you can integrate to auto submit everything from your website. use this site when Socialposter is down which is more often than I’d like to admit. Social Marker offers a very easy to use interface for submitting your content up to 48 of the most popular social bookmarking sites in 5 minutes or less. Take note of their option boxes especially if you only if you want to make sure you’re submitting to do follow sites only. site is also just like Social Marker and Social Poster except you can submit easily up to 130 social bookmarking sites! I only discovered this from the Google Ad they bought on Social Marker, so cheers to that. It has pretty much the same in frame browser submit that makes it pretty easy to tear through 130 sites….I don’t recommend submitting to 130 or you’re just going to look like you’re spamming, and really you are. This is the site I use the most mainly beause I like the way the user interface handles the bookmarking. It submits to the same amount as Social Marker and is pretty much exactly the same in everyway. The one downside to this site is that is regularly goes down due to bandwidth or cpu consumption.

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