Snowmageddon For Building Links

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February 3  |  Link Bait Tactics  |   Ryan Clark

While the US is getting pounded by snow left, right and center, how many businesses are taking advantage of it? There are plenty of you out there who would benefit from this situation. Products that come to mind are candles, blankets, battery powered heaters and so forth. I’m making this post as more of an inquiry to our readers, I’d love to see who actually saw it as a business opportunity?

There is a whole host of opportunities to take advantage of before a storm like this hits. Group deal sites would have been my #1 choice for getting the word out quick on your deals, not to mention the plethora of other coupon/deal sites you could have used. Social media obviously could have played a huge role here, especially if you utilized a viral marketing campaign from your blog/website. “Top 10 Products You’ll Need To Survive Snowmageddon?”

Here’s a great example of the network getting a stink load of attention thanks to their anchorman Jim Cantore. This single video got the Weather Network a whole lot more traffic for free despite the amount of people glued to their website and channel. It’s interesting just to see how much more traffic an event like this will show up, sadly I have to use Alexa for the meantime.

If you’re able to catch some amazing content to utilize for business then all the power to you. I’d start thinking of what you can do for the next snowstorm. While our clients kept asking us how much snow we were getting up here in British Columbia, they were shocked to hear we get snow maybe twice a year. Not all Canadians live in a winter wonderland, although we do live in a rainy blunderland :)

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