Googles Search Results For Apples

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August 11  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

I’m just half way done my morning latte, reading through the Google section of Webmaster World and quickly came across this gem. You’ve seen me on Twitter, forums and here discussing the recent changes that Google has mixed into its search results, but this just adds more fuel to the fire. From the picture below, is it any surprise to you that there are so many Apple Computer links showing up for this term. Obviously these results will vary depending on where you live, but just take this in as a little lesson. I’m not on the “Google’s losing” bandwagon just yet, take a look at why the results are showing up like this, and how you can take advantage.

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Twitter Showing In Google Search Results

January 10  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

I just read on the AIM Clear Blog about Twitter showing up in Google search results and although I socially did my sharing of his article, I’ll let you folks know in case you missed it. You can see by the picture I just took what to expect and I’d start thinking how you can use this to your marketing advantage. They’re showing up at the top now and if that becomes mainstream, I’d want to have a game plan in mind.

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