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The Worio Search Engine In Review

December 31  |  Link Building, Social Media Sites  |   Ryan Clark

I recently came across Worio which is a relatively new search engine that brings some new twists to the search engine game, and I’m pretty impressed. The layout and feel of the site flows nicely with a clean web 2.0 feel in both the design and social interaction. Worio is set out to not only provide the way we search as we know it, but also influence how you find things through friends, new blogs and other social media aspects. This search engine was developed in my homeland at the University of British Columbia and they do a decent job of not getting the word out locally. Worio learns about your interests and dislikes through your searching habits, so the more you search and tag, the better you’ll get the content you’re looking for.

What does “Worio” mean? Worio is an acronym based on “Web of Research”, the name we gave to the group of researchers that came together at UBC to develop this project.

You can also search the oldies but goodies like Google, Yahoo and MSN through Worio to further the learning experience. Now the links within the search results are dofollow, as well as popular links within the right sidebar but I’m not sure if you’ll see much link love. Currently the search engine only has a couple hundred pages indexed so I wouldn’t expect to see a lot of traffic or links just yet. As a SEO consultant I love seeing how other people are trying to come up with ways to bring my search results, and I hope Worio succeeds in the long run.

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