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August 26  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

As you all I’m sure are aware of of the open source social bookmarking CMS called Scuttle. Well it isn’t anything too special except for the fact it happens to be one of the most popular scripts chosen on many many many niche based social bookmarking clones. Within the past year there also has been a launch of ScuttlePlus which is an improved version of Scuttle with a few more features such as do follow, administrator panel and advertising control. Now keep in mind 90% of the sites based on Scuttle are not even worth the time it takes to put a link in mainly because the websites are useless. There is no real substance to these sites making them weak places for a backlink, so use at your own risk. I’ve included a list of Scuttle based sites that are do follow and have *some* authority at the end of the post.

Find Scuttle based websites is a breeze but keep in mind most of them are no follow, so the only real point would be to find a few that actually have traffic based around your niche. I can’t promise you’ll find a site related to your niche so hopefully you have some luck on your side. I took sometime to find out the best way to mass identify Scuttle sites and you can easily do it with this Google search query inurl:?sort=url_asc which brings up a huge list of potential sites.

ScuttlePlus sites are just as easy to find and a lot more of them are do follow, and I must also mention seem to have more of a structured system going on. I’d expect links from ScuttlePlus to be considered a little less spammy, so becareful when using Scuttle for links. To find websites running ScuttlePlus another Google query will do the trick inurl:populartags.php/

I’m also aware that blackhats will and have been using automated tools to spam the bloody hell out of these social bookmarking sites, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a slap from the G in the future on spammy Scuttle sites. Regarldess of the black/whitehat implications of use, remember to keep an eye out for similiar software that might becoming more popular to use for your link building benefit.

Here’s a list of a few Scuttle sites that all look the same and provide no real help to your link building efforts. Seeing these sites kind of seals the nail in the coffin for the future of social bookmarking links being a good source of link weight….

PR2 Bookmarks Japan

PR2 Totagit

PR1 JCWD Texas

PR0 Social Blink

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