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February 24  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

One of my favorite aspects about building a business and connecting in a web 2.0 world is the ability to get links while doing so. There are so many niche social networks and web platforms that allow you to take advantage of this. I don’t like listing sites to the public that often mainly because the abuse that follows in the link building world. So my intentions here are to showcase how Screept is a great place to connect with fellow site owners and programmers. I couldn’t honestly tell you what my profession title actually is…webmaster, link builder, ecommerce manager….ugh.

I’ve just started playing around on Screept and one of the lead developers is very active on there and provided me with a nice and warm welcome. You can never really have enough programmer friends when you’re in the online marketing game, and connecting with on the ball developers is just a bonus. If you do fall under the category of a legit user and do sign up to Screept, make sure you find me on there and add me as a friend.

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