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August 22  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

Hey everyone! Thanks so far for all the support, comments and tips you’ve sent my way and it has kept me going strong. I’m in the process of setting up two more items to help with your marketing quest, and that is a new Link Building Forum and what I think will be the very first Link Building Podcast(?). I’ve bought www.linkbuildingforums.com and I will intergrate it into the blog and get working ont he Podcast.

The forums will try and go deeper into link building and cover topics regarding both do and no follow. I want to get more into social network link building, forum link building and provide a section where bloggers can exchange blog posts and guest posts in order to find new ways of attaining quality links.

The Podcast will in the beginning cover all my favorite and current forms of link building, and once I get all the basics out of the way I will start doing interviews and cover the news. So if you think you’d like to be apart of the show, get in touch with me asap!

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