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November 11  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve been waiting to get my hands on an invite code for the new Toluu service which is currently in Beta and looking oh so sweet. I should be getting my invite within the next few days and with that comes an invite for 3 other people, so if you’re interested get in touch with me and I’ll be sure to send one your way. Toluu is an RSS news site that organizes the feeds you love, and after getting to know your reading habits, it will feed your more news from sources that are very similar in taste. The site already has been growing at a rapid rate and has tens of thousands of indexed pages in Google, a nice page rank of 6 and a bunch of inbound links. The feed/news pages you can create are all do follow which is great for a link, but it also looks so good you might not want to leave the spot! They have done an excellent job with the look and feel of the site, and adding feeds could not have been done easier. This is a great resource to build links if you have a “quality content” site as well bring in readers that are truely interested in your niche. If you want to keep up on how the development is going they have a Toluu Blog which is updated regularly with indepth updates on what’s going on. I’ll leave you with a link to a Toluu page for the user nerdflood so you can see just how the feeds are layed down.

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October 21  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve been playing around with Social Median tonight and I REALLY like what I’m seeing. Social Median is a new way of getting customized news from around the web as well getting your news out in the world with the click of the mouse. The interface took me a little while to get used to, but once I got the hang of It I was creating custom news feeds from the great sources already within the system, and then I made my own custom news feed for link building.

Social Median is all about personalized news – helping people get the news that matters most to them on any number of topics from any number of sources. Our hunch is that people with common topical interests can help each other filter and discover personally relevant news.

After a few hours I’ve realized that Social Median’s suggestive topics for news it thought I would like was spot on. I’ve now got this happily feeding me news all day on my new Blackberry Storm which makes my day a whole lot more less productive..but in a good way. I highly recommend everyone to try it out, make some news feeds and get some links plus traffic from this social networking site.

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Link Building & RSS Promotion With Aide RSS

August 26  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

AideRSS is a really slick interface that parses your favorite feeds by its own rating system called the PostRank. This system takes in many variables of the blog post such as amount of comments, rating and inbound links to the post to determine which ones you should most likely be reading. I’ve been using the software for a while now out of pure personal enjoyment, so take your time and check the site out. This site is put together by a cool group of people that really take an interest in the site so please don’t abuse the services they provide.

You can watch a screencast which shows you the basics of AideRSS and what it is for, and how to use it. They introduce the concept of PostRank, the core technology behind AideRSS, and how it can help you find and read what matters. Within the system you can enter your blog(s) and as you’ll see upon viewing my AideRSS page how your backlinks are produced. They also take in effect your posts “rippel effect” in the social media world such as Digg, Delicious and others. They have managed to hold a Goolge page rank 7, so that means they’re doing something right in the 2.0 world. The more feeds you pump into their system the better AideRSS gets.

Our company

Based in Waterloo, Canada, AideRSS Inc. is a privately held company created to help deal with daily information overload, and our overwhelmed feed readers. Utilizing the latest cloud computing technologies, and distributed algorithms we created the PostRank™ filtering process. With a great mix of strong technical and creative talents, our team continues to innovate on finding new information management solutions.


The folks at AideRSS have been featured on Leo Laporte’s TWiT and all the major blogs such as Mashable and Life Hacker. The entire team’s bio is online as well a look into their office life on Flickr. They also happen to be hiring, so if anyone has some programming skills give them a shout.

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RSS Promotion With

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August 19  |  Uncategorized  |   Ryan Clark

I just discovered Read Burner as a new place to drop relevant links. It looks like Pligg, and smells like Pligg, but it isn’t. Read Burner analysis current hot topics and trends based on certain factors and the latest news gets spat out to the site. If you want to see what kind of topics and sites are making the rounds they provide open stats you can view. For all your folks with nice phones you can view a mobile version as well which is what I’ve been tuning into all day from my iPhone.

ReadBurner ( analyzes what people are sharing with their personal social networks on a variety of services to determine the best content across the Web. With an increasing amount of news consumption taking place in RSS readers and personalized start pages versus traditional web sites, ReadBurner aggregates the most frequently shared content from these next generation services to determine what’s popular.

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Submit Your Feed To

August 15  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

MillionRSS is not only a RSS Feed Directory, but it aims to be the largest on the Internet. As I type this they are currently indexing 178,374 RSS Feeds! It doesn’t seem to be doing to badly in Google either as I’ve noticed it has been providing me with some good link juice. You can submit your feed for free and it only takes a minute…so don’t be lazy! They kindly even have a SEO Blogs category, and a category for just about everything under the sun.

What we do: millionRSS is a project to collect over 1,000,000 RSS feeds that are out there in the wild west of what we know as ‘the blogosphere’. We offer free submission for anyone to easily send us their RSS feed details (along with their site description and branding information). In turn, we will syndicate your feed for our readers and will give you a permanent link from our site. That’s it, pretty simple.

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