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Raspberry Ketones Diet Recommended By Dr Oz Starts A Spam War

February 25  |  Viral Marketing  |   Ryan Clark

The Raspberry Ketones diet is was recently recommended by Dr. Oz and it has sent the diet pills to the top of Amazon’s best selling list. This has sent people scrambling online and to local health food stores to pick up a bottle of Raspberry Ketones in pill form in hopes to lose some weight. While there seems to be a fruit weight loss pandemic every year, you know that marketers are going to be all over it as soon as the show ended. I thought it would make for an interesting post to see how all the link spammers are bringing out the big guns in order to rank for the coveted keywords. I imagine Google will be seeing an onslaught of folks trying to rank for raspberry ketone and I’m going to sit back and enjoy the show.

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The ranking war has already begun and all the usual tricks are coming into play. As usual, Google’s mantra of “Content is King” is utter BS. The links are already inflating web 2.0 properties and keyword heavy domains are popping up all over…even Youtube has over 100 raspberry ketone videos already pimping the berries once again. I imagine over a million spam links have been dropped to various places so let’s take a look at what’s already ranking for various keywords related to raspberry ketone products and hype words.

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The first two results which I cut out from the first page results for the keyword “raspberry ketone” were of course Wikipedia and then the shopping results. I don’t imagine Wikipedia will hold the number one spot for long as the link juice is a flowing, so we’ll give it a week or two before checking back to see how the SERPs are doing. Naturally we’d see a ton of keyword domains flooding the marketing and doing quite well right off the get go. A quick look at the backlink history in the last week for pretty much all the domains ranking top 10 looks like this;

I imagine that link graph is going to spike a lot larger in the coming weeks and I’m quite interested in collecting the data from the top 20 ranking sites for the raspberry ketone keyword. If you dig down into the 3-6th pages of search results in Google you’ll find all the web 2.0 properties that are currently getting spammed to death in hopes of ranking well. I will be doing a follow up post at the end of March to see how it all played out and if the fad is still going strong. By the looks of Google Trends there is an insane amount of search volume going on right now and I expect this high to ride at least until the summer!

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