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PRWeb Called A Link Scheme & Spam On GWC

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April 15  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I thought this would make for an excellent topic because there is a lot of talk and debating on what is link spamming these days. Press releases have long been a great way to get legit and worthy news out to the right people and of course links are a bonus of that. I don’t think that using a service like PRweb or any of the top wire services is spam unless you’re releasing useless/fake news just to get an anchor text link…then we’re getting into link scheme territory.

So onto my Google Webmaster Central Help section this morning which is a morning ritual of mine while drinking my coffee. It’s a place webmasters go to inquire with non-Google employees as to why they’re having a problem or issue with the big G. Keep in mind the regular “help” aka bionic posters are NOT Google employees and this sometimes is a frustrating thing because they, like most SEO’s including me from time to time, think they know all. They however do know a lot and are helpful for the most part although the tone coming from a lot of them usually entails a negative touch and or a whole lot of sarcasm in their responses. If this were happening with just about any other company those people who have been fired long ago as it’s a disgusting way to handle customer service. I don’t claim to be a saint either as I have been sassy from time to time within my posts.

So this morning I was reading a thread about a company claiming that competitors built spammy links to their site and they ended up getting penalized. So we’ve all heard this before but the bit that stuck out was when their bionic posters claimed that submitting a PR with PRweb is nothing but link spam.

seo101Level 15 Post reply

Apr 14 (11 hours ago)

Why do you submit via PRWeb for? It is to get links isn’t it? That is what PRWeb offer (they have “SEO” on their home page!). That self promotional link building … that the very definition of a link scheme!
Besides, I see nothing newsworthy about your site that you even need to do press releases!!!!

You can continue to delude yourself about your link building. Until you get over that, your site will continue to languish in mediocrity.

You are also making a fool of yourself re the class action law suit. Google has no contractual obligation to you or your site (written or implied) to give you any organic ranking, so has they have broken no contractual obligation, so you have no case!

Matt Cutts and Amit Singhal did talk about press releases briefly in a 2011 Pubcon interview and it’s one of the few references I can find on the web about the topic. They pretty much lay it out like I’ve mentioned on how you should go about utilizing a service like PRweb.

Question: Are PRWeb and press releases considered black hat due to duplicate content?

Matt Cutts: Press releases are going to other people and asking them to write about you. Instead, work hard to produce high quality content on your site and people will want to write about you. It is harder to fake natural than be natural.

Amit Singhal: The content must be high-quality and useful from a reader’s perspective. If the content is high quality and you work hard for the users, it is OK.

So this is kind of a touchy subject and I would love to hear what the wire service and inbound marketing community thinks of this. Google is really cracking down on manually built link building processes but I don’t think you’ll ever run into a problem if you steer clear of putting keyword specific anchor text in your press releases. Those who have been paying attention will know that site/brand links are killing it in the SERPs lately and you best be just letting those natural links coming in.

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Video Press Release Sites

August 26  |  Video SEO  |   Ryan Clark

Video is a standard feature now more than ever and the press release sites are finally catching on. I wanted to round up a few usable resources for everyone to utilize in their next release. I have yet to test the results out myself, but I’ve been helping clients get out video releases more than usual lately. The more your prospective clients or future business partners can see a real person interacting with its audience, the more you will stand out in your industry. I only had a limited amount of time to write today so feel free to add sites in the comments, and read this interview with Greg Jarboe from the video marketing Pros at ReelSEO.

PR Sites that Support Video: & Read the How To PDF

PRWeb’s “Media Visibility” package includes the embedded video feature for $360 per release, a more economical approach than other major news wire services featuring online video

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PRWeb at SMX West 2010

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April 21  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

News Travels Fast with PRWeb

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24-7 Press Releases Can Help With Your Link Building

February 21  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

For some reason everyone is press release crazy at this time of year so I’m always testing and trying out new sites. There are a lot of press release services out there so it’s hard to pick which one to go with, and it really depends on who you want to target. Chances are good that if your industry is big enough, there will be a niche specific distribution network out there to target. If you want to get some news out to as many people as possible, then you need to play some with of the big boys. I’ve recommended PRWeb many times before, and most of you most likely use them on a monthly basis.

I’m going to urge you to check over 24-7 Press Release for your next PR blast because they’ve got a whole other network you might want to tap into. These folks are one of the bigger players in the PR world and you get a pretty sweet deal out of what they charge. There are several press release packages that range from free to the mid hundreds which isn’t too much of a problem for most medium to large corporations. It also doesn’t hurt to take advantage of getting a link from their site alone which is quite authoritative, and is only going to do your link profile some good.

The different packages which you can see if my poorly edited photo can be seen here in better detail, but take a close look. Tons of affordable options to choose from but my choice would be the $139 package which gets you a nice report which is great for clients. The one thing  I didn’t see listed in these options was the business directory that 24-7 Press Release has on their site. It is an extra cost but if you check out the indexing rate, Pagerank on the internal pages and the Alexa of these folks then you’ll quickly see it’s worth the cost.

I always like to go through the more popular categories of news releases and sniff out their backlinks to see how the news did for them. This should give you an idea of the type of sites you may have the potential to get your news listed on. You might even be able to sniff out a few places within your industry that you can submit your news directly to.  There are always little link building gems to be found in your niche so make sure to give it a good look.

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