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February 8  |  Niche Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve been slowly pushing our new 2.0 Press Release service known as PR Buzzer and it has been building up nicely although slowly. Our press release service is aiming to combine the usual PR services and include it with a wide variety of other news services in the social webosphere. We’re proving a free release to businesses around the world with only one catch, that you are an actual business. A lot of the free press release services are cluttered with a lot of spam and our goal is to keep it out.

With the free press release on PR Buzzer you get your news distributed through our current network of partners which includes broadcasting on our Twitter account. With your press release you also get included into our business directory which keeps track of all your releases. We’re currently programming in a custom RSS feed for each company profile so you’ll be able to pull your company news in where ever you like. Over time your business profile will rank nicely and provide you with an extra link from a trusted news source.

To get your free press release just fill out the order form for the free one, but if you need a press release written we’re only charge $50 USD with the free promotion instead of $100. We can have your release and company directory listing sorted within 2-3 business days. Once you have an account you will be able to forever send in a free release over our network even when this promo runs out.

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