PokeSEO Goes Live

June 10  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

The world finally has its first SEO application for the iPhone thanks to Tanner Christensen and John Cotant. PokeSEO is its name and on the go statistics is its game. I know that most of my readers are most likely the same as me, and are heavily addicted to stats. With PokeSEO you should be able to get your fix anywhere you can find a wifi connection.

I wanted to write about the app mainly because Tanner and John put in a backlinks feature which caught my eye. So what does PokeSEO do? It’s simple and it’s beautiful because you get on the spot statistics like a site PageRank, as well you get backlink numbers from 4 of the major search engines. The backlink data comes from Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL. To top it all off you can then fire off a report to your clients, yourself or your boss on the weekend while you’re on the golf course.

PokeSEO also automatically updates with fixes and new features so you never have to worry about re-downloading the latest version. As most iPhone apps, you don’t have to pay much to get a lot and you can have this app for only $1.99 USD!

I have 5 promo codes. The first 5 people to tweet about this post and then email me will receive their promo code. If you’d like to get in touch with the fine folks that put this app together then you can DM them on Twitter.

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