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Link Plug For A Podcast Plug..Who’s Tried This?

August 14  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I briefly mentioned before that I’ve been experimenting with getting my blogs, or clients blogs mentioned in Podcasts related to my niche that I was promoting. The Podcasting community is still growing every day and most likely there is a Podcast related to your niche out there already. All it takes is a simple email or skype call away to get intouch with that “Podmaster”, and you could easily be setting yourself up with a chance to get some new readers to your blog.

This could work out to be very benificial if you’re selling a product within that niche. If you make a great target audience match up the potential to make sales goes up greatly, especially compared to a tired “web/banner ad” washed webosphere.

A great example of a perfect match up would be when Audible.com ran ads on Leo Laporte’s This Week In Tech(TWiT) podcast. I myself subscribe to well over 100 podcasts, love books and barely leave home without my iPod. I tried out Audible.com after hearing a few shows and have since then stocked up my iPod with audio books which are a great listen anywhere.

So you can hit up one of the many Podcast Directories on the web and find a show related to your site and get intouch with other businesses out there. Please feel free to leave your thoughts or rants in the comments, as well as advertise any website to Podcast trades you have to offer.