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OnlyWire Social Bookmarking Tool

January 10  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

Onlywire has been a favorite bookmarking tool of mine and I’ve been meaning to to an updated post for a while now. Before I start I like to mention that this is in no way paid for and out of the respect and thanks I have for the use I’ve got out of this tool. OnlyWire has come a long way since its first version and with the latest update to 2.0 it keeps itself ahead of every other tool like it on the market, both free and paid.

OnlyWire is the only publicly available social bookmarking tool that submits to a handful of sites at the click of a button. Most of the others like Social Poster and Social Marker, require you to still load the sites and go through the submission process. The software submits to the usual suspects of the top social bookmarking sites available, so you’re getting your sites onto the places that matter instead of a host of low quality bookmarking sites. Onlywire requires you to store your account information with them, but it is built on a very secure platform that was designed to make sure your information stays private.

Of course they have got almost every base covered when it comes to browser bookmarklets which are ready and available. This is perhaps the easiest way to use OnlyWire’s bookmarking platform and only takes a few seconds to send your link to the 25+ bookmarks they offer. Remember to update your user information for each bookmarking site within your OnlyWire account, and make sure to check periodically that your account is still active. The browsers that are supported are of course Internet Explorer, Firefox and the new Google Chrome. They’ve also been generous enough to make bookmarklets for Safari and Opera which just goes to show how in tune they are with the open source community.

OnlyWire is available for free under certain conditions as well you can pay a very small fee to avoid the requirements of the free use. If you have a website you can easily use OnlyWire for free but applying the bookmark button onto your website. If you have a blog that is running on the WordPress platform there is a plugin you can use which takes care of everything for you. You can see mine in action by scrolling down to the bottom of this post, right under the massive list of bookmarking chiclets I have listed. The pricing is very affordable with a monthly cost of $2.99 or if you pay the $24.99 yearly price you can save %30. This is very affordable and fair because the server usage it must cost them can get up there and we wouldn’t have this great tool otherwise.

The last feature up is possibly my second favorite part of the tool, and if you’re a programmer you’ll love it too. They offer their API so you can configure it to automatically submit your new pages and posts on the fly without having to do any extra work. The API is limited to 5 posts per day, but I imagine they would take payment to allow more. If anyone from OnlyWire reads this feel free to elaborate on that in the comments. The API commands are pretty straight forward and you shouldn’t have too much of a problem implementing it within your website.

I hope you folks enjoy the tool and get some great use out of it. I encourage you to leave some comments on what you think of OnlyWire, good or bad. I would love to hear from some of the staff as well with any tips, comments or insight on what they have planned next for this amazing tool. I personally would love to see a few more sites added in but I know how much of a pain it can be getting auto submitting working with certain sites. I tried in the past to program my own tool just like this but ended up with a big fat FAIL!

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