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Atomic Tom Performs With iPhones On The NYC Subway

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October 26  |  Brand Building  |   Ryan Clark

The phone wars are taking it to the streets these days and while this isn’t the first impromptu subway concert, nor will it be the last, its still an amazing marketing ploy. I’m a huge fan of this style of advertising mainly because there is a lot of focus on the art, but still trying to sell you something in the end. We will no doubt see a lot more of this across other cities in North America, but NYC is obviously the best place to try this out. Atomic Tom apparently had their gear stolen so rocked out on their iPhones instead. Both parties involved in this should stand to make a good ROI on this video just from Youtube alone. The hype has also stirred up a lot of Twitter chatter, and tons of links from blogs within the entertainment and tech industries. Moral of the story? Do something different!



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