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August 26  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

Mugshot is an open source social platform sponsored by Red Hat which allows users to compile an online portfolio of themselves from their online social media sites. So basically it lets you build a page filled with content streamed in from your Youtube acount, Flickr account, Delicious bookmarks, blogs and so much more.You can get do follow links from your profile page and join/create groups to promote whatever you like. If you get a popular group going users can socially browse links and chat about the topic with other people in the group. I really like the site idea, and I’ve had a very similiar idea in mind for a while but there’s something with the layout and design of this site that makes it hard on the eyes. I feel kind of confused sometimes while browsing the site which might explain why it hasn’t grow much at all in a year traffic wise.

Click here to sign up to Mugshot.

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