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Five Fiverr Marketing Tactics Worth Paying For

July 19  |  Brand Building  |   Ryan Clark

Fiverr.com is a hot topic these days and it has inspired a whole niche of microjob sites in the process. I’ve been quite intrigued with the whole idea, and I’m always browsing Fiverr for the vast database of unique opportunities. You can get everything from video marketing, to advice and yes of course SEO. Now you all know that we deal in the more higher ending of link building, social media and branding. With that being said, I don’t recommend a lot of the “SEO” you’d find on here. It’s almost always not something the Google TOS would agree with, and that’s dangerous for big brands.

So what do I like? Well, the amount of unique little extras one can get for their brand here is quite interesting. We’ve been experimenting with an Ecommerce site of ours with a few of the following tactics listed below. The result? A whole bunch of content that has pushed our site to a new level of quality. There are all sorts of different marketing tactics to take from here, so snoop around and see what might work for your business. And hey, if it doesn’t then you’ve only wasted $5 bucks!

Marketing Tactic 1) QR Codes

These nifty little codes are all the rage and we wanted to have one to market our online shop with. For $5 you can have a custom one designed and sent back to you within 24 hours, just check out this post here or do a search for others offering the same service.

Marketing Tactic 2) Facebook Landing Page

If your brand doesn’t have a landing/intro page for your Facebook account by now then you’re missing out! We’ve been getting a lot of our clients to get this done as it looks way more professional. Looking good inspires confidence, and getting that for only $5 ain’t too bad neither! I had one landing page designed by this bloke, and it was well worth the price.

Marketing Tactic 3) Have Videos Made

Videos can be a pain in the ass sometimes, especially for an online brand where no one wants to get behind a camera. We’ve been experimenting with a few of the people who make videos with their puppets. You can use the highly recommended getting a commercial done by a puppet, or a real human who can pitch your website/brand/product. There are plenty of really unique options here folks….you can even get video effects done for $5!


Marketing Tactic 4) New Banners & Graphics

When’s the last time you had graphics, a logo or a new banner done out? There are a whole bunch of awesome designers, coders and ad copy people offering some great deals. Even if the banners are different from what you’re doing, live a little and switch it up because you never know what will happen.

Marketing Tactic 5) Writers & Song Writers

We recently had a bunch of songs, jingles and voice overs done for our Ecommerce website, and it all worked out quite well! Besides that, we’ve even outsourced some writing which has turned out better than expected. I’m sure a lot of you are sick of dealing with content writers, but for the easy stuff I say jump on Fiverr.

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