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Starbucks Does Local Marketing Just Fine

June 13  |  Local Business Marketing  |   Ryan Clark

I get flack for enjoying Starbucks because it’s not considered “cool”, but for a large corporation, they sure do a great job of keeping customers happy. I’ll also gladly admit I like some of the roasts they offer, and sorry to the other coffee shops out there. I just sometimes don’t have pants skinny/tight enough, nor a Macbook to enter your store with to fit in. While getting my fix this morning at the Mayfair Starbucks, I was rewarded with a gift card and some discounts for other purchases. While they certainly do some wrong, I thought I’d just show-off something they’re doing right when it come to local marketing. However, I’m glad I’m off the latte train because $5 for a drink that costs $.25 or less to make is such a scam.

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Starbucks + Foursquare = Win

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June 10  |  Local Business Marketing  |   Ryan Clark

So I’m sure you’ve all ready by now the success Starbucks has recently had with Foursquare…well let’s just say social media in general. While I believe the numbers don’t really match up, and they’re most likely over playing Foursquare’s role, but still there is a wake-you-up lesson to be learned here. The discounts they offered to the Mayor’s has affected me personally…why? Well I’ve been getting crazy discounts from not only my local Starbucks, but many other restaurants in the area. I’m seeing my non marketing friends embracing Foursquare just for the deals, so it’s safe to say you can no longer avoid Foursquare.

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