Open Site Explorer From SEOmoz

January 21  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

The fine folks over at SEOmoz have just released access to a new and sexy (I know I have a problem) backlink analysis and reporting tool powered by Linkscape. If you don’t already know about the SEOmoz Pro Tools then let me give you a piece of information that should make your mouth water. Linkscape now contains over 700 billion links from nearly 65 billion pages on the web, so that’s a no brainer for any link builder.

Open Site Explorer is a clean and easy to use interface much like Link Diagnosis except it has so much data I nearly had to change my underpants. For the next 33 hours it is fully open to the public for usage so I suggest you get on it and start playing with it. The best part I think is so far from what I’ve seen are the filtering options which is going to make my life a whole lot easier.

Rand just finished up a meaty post on Open Site Explorer which sums up pretty much everything I’d comment on, so go read his post on it. This is definitely going to be worth the purchase if you’re serious about your link profile, and of course that of your competitor’s!

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