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November 19  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

Well it has been a slow couple days for great posts, but I’ve managed to create over 17 drafts of new posts that will be coming out over the next week or two…and they’re gunna be great. I’m hoping to get some good discussions out with some of the articles as well set apart this blog from the others within the link building community.I’d like to thank every one for the kind comments and support I’ve gotten from readers and companies within the link building community…it keeps me going!

First up I have started mapping out my link building services which I’m now offering more to the general public. I generally work with only a few clients every couple of months because I’m mainly working on my own projects which I can rely on for income. But lately I’ve been wanting to sink my teeth into other new projects and let me stuff sit on autopilot. So take a look at the page which is linked at the top of the page and let me know what you think about my prices, grammar mistakes or whatever else!

I’ve been working solely on Ubuntu which is all fine and dandy because I’ve been using Linux since I was 13, its just that I’m used to doing my video editing magic with Sony Vegas but instead I’ve been learning Cinelerra. It’s an open source video editing suite that is about the best and only choice I have with Linux, so it’s taking me a little more time to get the podcast in order. To top that all off Linux has one of the worst track records for MIC input and sound recording so naturally I’m having trouble recording the audi for the screencast portions of the podcast. I’ve been reviewing the Raven SEO Tools for the first episode and I need to get my ass in gear to get it all together.

Tomorrow I get to visit the office that houses the Infobarrel crew and I’ll be recording more podcast stuff with them on site. They live about an hour from me so I’ll be loading up my iPod and heading out the door first thing in the moring, hopefully in time to make sure they get no work done for the day! If anyone missed my post on the site I suggest you check it out because this site is moving!

I cleaned up the ad block on the right as you may have noticed, and took out all the advertising from companies I don’t use, or would ever recommend to a client. This should provided a smoother reading experience and if you see advertising on here now, it’s stuff I’m using and very proud to be using. I’m going to be opening up an actual job board on here in hopes of adding more quality link building resources for the community.

The Link Building Forums are slowly kicking with a couple of members every few days, but I need more people to join up and help start the community. I want to make this a place of total link building orgasmic reading and conversing. A lot of the forums these days are filled with repeat questions(cough DPF cough) and information which is starting to drive me nuts. If I see a post titled “how do I build links with blogs” etc you know I’ll be bringing down the ban hammer! I’ve created many different sections which should help bring out unique discussions and tactics to your everyday link building routine.

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