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Broken Link Finder Tool From Citation Labs

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October 11  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

Garrett French seems to have 48 hours in his day, seriously. He runs the well known firm and software company Citation Labs, manages to write tons of great content and here we are with another really helpful tool. The Broken Link Finder ( is a comprehensive and time saving tool to tackle one of the best link building methods publicly known.

“There is a gold mine of 404s out there ready to be prospected. Let the 404 Gold Rush Begin!
I know a lot of inbound marketers still don’t take advantage of this strategy as often as they should, so hopefully this kicks your ass into gear. It’s especially beneficial if you’re doing a lot of content marketing because this way you can amass tons of link targets before you craft your content. The success rates for us are through the roof and hopefully Garrett will come pipe up about it here on the comments.

//Tech Specs

For each keyword you add to the Broken Link Finder…
280 Unique Search Queries Yielding… 
28,000 Linking Pages, Yielding on Average… 
300,000 Potential Link Targets… 
Filtered Down to Strong Broken Link Building Opportunities… 
Which You Can Sort by Link Popularity and Relevance!

For those that do this from time to time you’ll know how time consuming it is….so stop that and literally save hundreds of hours. I’m going to be utilizing this tool starting next week so feel free to contact me with any questions, or hit up Garrett French via Twitter, Email or via Phone 919.480.8522


Link Research Tools Review Part 1: Backlink Analysis

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August 12  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

This is the first in a series of posts covering the little awesome tools that make up the LRT in its entirety. Chris Cemper and his team (Christine big thanks) were gracious enough to let me test these tools out for months now. I’ve been using them on a daily basis and at this point they’ve sunk in as an extension of my link building subconscious.

We’ll be looking at the backlink analysis tool first up because it’s what we’re all here for, the rest is just a mind blowing concoction of tools for link ninjas(and we’ll be getting to those shortly). The first thing I’ll mention are the reports that come out. Why? Well, if you’re like me and read a lot of link data you like something easy on the eyes. The spreadsheets that you can download are really one of my favorite aspects as I don’t need to dink around with anything. This is especially great for clients because I can just fire it off and they can understand what’s going on.

Starting A Campaign:

As you can see from the picture beow, you have a few options from domain, page and analysis internal page backlinks. For this post I’ve ran LRT on our Twitter profile to see what links to it. We’ve built a lot of links to it through online apps, business profiles and other random places that it just gets picked up. Do this to some of the most followed accounts and you’ll really see some interesting things.

This is where you can plug in your OSE API key and get that data juicing in. So again, for the download data link coming up we went with analyse page backlinks because I don’t have 2 hours to wait around for it to accidentally run the domain….oh my that would be a doozy. As you can also see, you have an option to upload your own backlinks from other sources in a few different formats which is really handy. So the link below is the report of our Twitter account, so check it out

Click Here To Download The Backlink analysis

Metrics You Can Run:

In this social day and age, you’re going to want social metrics as well right? No problem for LRT! You have just about everything covered here so you can quickly get the data you need and please yourself, or your client. The only downside to running these with every backlink report is it can slow down the process. If you have a big site it can reall take its time, but you can set it and forget it which makes it no big deal really.

Check it out;

That’s all there is to this part of the LRT and I’ll be covering another aspect of the tool again here this week. If you have any questions about the program, feel free to drop them in the comments below. I know I got access to this for free, but if I had to pick one negative feature it would be the price. I think it’s a little steep but then again there is API access fees, CPU/server/bandwidth costs so it can add up for them on their end. It’s definitely more for a team/company/brand to utilise and it’s something I’d highly consider. The day pass is a great way to check it all out though.

LRT Product Tour:

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LRT’s Competitive Landscape Analyzer

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March 24  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

Cemper’s Link Research Tools are hands down the finest in the industry and while they’re already ahead of the curve, they come out with this. The Content Landscape Analyzer within LRT allows you to profile your competition within the top 10 results for your keywords. This tool sums up all the needed info to take them out like what the right FOLLOW/NOFOLLOW, Brand vs. Money Keyword link ratio, Page Rank profile, Authority & Trust backlink profile. This puts companies in the right mindset, allows them to lay down goals and build up their brand in the proper way. You’d be surprised how many people are just focused on building links to rank top 10…c’mon now, this isn’t 2003!

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AdGooroo’s Link Insight Demo

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January 19  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

Eric Ward needs no introduction to anyone reading this blog, and most of you should know his involvement with AdGooroo. He has helped develop their link research tool called Link Insight, and I’m pleased to have found this demo video. The software is a tool for finding those quality, related links and gets rid of the spam sites so you don’t have to worry. The guidelines have been developed around Eric’s strict link finding principals, so you know you’re going down the right road with this web app. The feature I like best is it lets you know when you’ve lost a link, something more tools should have these days. Take a few minutes to watch the software in action, and if you’ve used it already, let us know here what you thought.

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Gmail Voice + Video Chat For Link Building

August 25  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

I recently started using Google’s Voice & Video Chat for Gmail which is a welcomed free tool in my opinion… especially for us link builders. I tend to do a lot of direct emailing for clients, and the ability to have this kind of access to my link prospects is going to open things up quite a bit. With all those Gmail contacts you’re collecting I implore you to take a chance and try to chat with webmasters and site owners face to face. I’m sure by now a lot of you have cold called webmasters which we all know brings in mixed results. If it’s easy enough for Grandma, then it surely is easy enough for a skilled SEO such as yourself.


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Link Builders Toolkit For Your Business

April 27  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I recently had the pleasure in reviewing Mark Thompsons new link building goldmine for businesses of all sizes. I imagine Mark’s target market are the smaller to medium sized businesses who don’t have the budget for a consultant, or in house SEO. Instead, if you have sometime and Internet know-how, you’ll be able to kick off a pretty damn impressive link building campaign all on your own.

This toolkit is designed to make link building a straight forward process with an easy to follow system that you can manage on your down time. I’d recommend setting a goal for doing only so many tasks per day, getting in done in the mornings, your lunch hour or after hours. After a couple months your site should be dominating the local search market, your niche or whatever you’re going after.

What I really like about the toolkit is the diversity. You get the usual good stuff like directories, bookmarking sites, PR sites, coupon sites and SO much more. The second best part? All of it has been filtered for quality so you know you’re not wasting your time submitting to low end websites.

  • Over 160 Blog Directories (Download the Blog Directories Tab for Free!)
  • Over 30 Classified Sites
  • Over 100 Content Sharing Sites
  • Over 80 Coupon/Deal Sites
  • Over 400 Directories
  • Over 40 eBook Sites
  • Over 25 Event Sites
  • Over 30 Forum Sites
  • Over 50 Local Sites
  • Over 40 Photo Sharing Sites
  • Over 35 Podcast Sites
  • Over 300 PR/Article Submission Sites
  • Over 35 Q&A Communities
  • Over 65 Review Sites
  • Over 60 RSS Submission Sites
  • Over 50 Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Over 50 Social Community Sites
  • Over 45 Shopping Sites
  • Over 35 Twitter Sites
  • Over 35 Video Sharing Sites
  • Over 60 Free Website Creation Sites
  • Over 15 Wiki Sites

As you can see this is a killer list that will take some time to complete.  I highly recommend taking the time to put the effort into your link building time here, and make sure to create quality content to spread around. A lot of these link building methods will require the content, so be prepared to factor that into either cost or time on your behalf. When you think about it, it’s still WAY cheaper than hiring me or another consultant.

Twitter: Stay On Search
Cost: Currently 30% off for only $17.49 USD

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Raven SEO Commercial in HD Baby

April 26  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark


Raven SEO has recently put out a slick new commercial in HD showcasing all the features of their marketing tool suite. The tools are really coming together and so is Raven’s online marketing efforts for itself. If you’re looking for an all-in-one SEO toolbox then I suggest you check them out for at least the backlink analyzer, social media monitoring and of course the stats!

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BuzzStream Adds Some New Link Building Features

April 21  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

BuzzStream is a must have tool for any search marketing consultant out there, never mind us link builders. With that being said, they now have some really cool new backlink analysis tools on the market. I was quite pleased to see how they`re actively monitoring certain key elements if your link campaign, a feature which most other tools are not doing. BuzzStream now emails you on changes such as when a link goes from followed to nofollow. This is just the next step of total link management and if you`re in a heated niche, this information is going to give you the advantage. I can also see this being used to monitor your competitors as well…oh the possibilities!

  • Changes to the page it is linking
  • Changes to nofolllow/dofollow status
  • Changes to anchor text
  • Changes to the number of outbound links on the pages

Read New Release: Improved Filtering, Link Checking and Reporting.

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