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CognitiveSEO Gets Put To Work At Linkbuildr

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October 24  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

My apologies to the staff, and mostly to Razvan who gave our team some hardcore use of their seriously well thought out tool suite. We played around with the old version and now their freshly updated toolbox of digital delights and loved it so much we stuck half of our clients on the platform. I will mention first and foremost that I was in no way paid to write about the tool, and Razvan told me to be as critical as possible.

When it comes to tools, we prefer them being straight to the point and this is what I love the most about CognitiveSEO. I get my easy-to-read yet crazy-in-depth backlink analysis. Secondly, the rank tracking tool is second to none, in my opinion. That’s all I really care about, and perhaps one day we’ll see Google Analytics pulled into the dashboard, but really that’s not necessary.

I’m someone who does a lot of backlink analysis, and chances are if you read my ramblings that you do as well. I’ve tried most of the tools out there and don’t have anything bad to say about any of them, but CognitiveSEO really reels me in with their reports. The ease of reading and understanding is there, but I absolutely love the flow of the reports.

What our customers are saying:

Since testing the software out, we made the decision to get 10 of our clients on their platform as we usually don’t offer extensive reporting from our end. Most of our clients are medium-to-large brands, and they’ve brought on our team to just help out with the link attraction and guidance side of things. By now, most companies that are online have some sort of tool suite in their company infrastructure and shouldn’t be too intimidated with something like CognitiveSEO.

With that being said, so far we’ve had a lot of good feedback, especially for the managers we report to who have to deliver a weekly or monthly report. The majority of our clients using the system found the reports to be straight forward enough that I didn’t have to sit on the phone with them going through each little tid bit. We’ll take a look at a sample report below, and I’ll also provide a PDF download link so that you can view our entire link profile in depth.

[nggallery id=1]
Download The Link Reports: Download Link .CSV and Download The PDF.

Doesn’t get any more straightforward than that, and it gives you pretty much all you’d want to know… Especially if you’re just doing a weekly or monthly peek. When I’m doing an audit to determine what’s causing a site to rank over my competitor in a competitive vertical, most of this data is what I need and I can get a good picture of what’s going on real fast.

Link Management Made Easy

This part of the tool suite is REALLY handy dandy. In this day and age, everyone should be monitoring their link losses/gains quite closely, as it can reveal a lot of valuable information. There are not many tools out there that cover this specific link monitoring aspect, and when something bad or good happens, you’ll know just about every detail.

Now I don’t use any tools to monitor links for our website simply because I don’t care at all about them… Weird to hear coming from someone who’s job is to attract/build/buy them for a living. I would have shown this off but I cannot expose any of our clients’ data here, but from the image to your right you can get a look at a weekly snapshot of what’s going on. Notice that CognitiveSEO reports on broken links too, which is in my opinion one of the best features of the whole package.

Geoff loves to monitor our clients’ competitors heavily and wait for a broken link to pop up and snag their links right out from underneath them… So sneaky and devious, I LOVE it. Watching your links by the daily or weekly during content marketing and link bait campaigns is also a breeze. This definitely helps us respond quickly to mentions and get involved in the social conversation and complete the branding part of our job.

It doesn’t stop there, either… Took me nearly 2 weeks when I first started using CognitiveSEO to notice that I could scroll to the right and get even more data on the links coming into our client’s profile. If the link coming in is from a partner/contact, you can manage those details and see them on your monitored links. Besides seeing the AC Rank – and I LOVE this – is that it tells you what part of the page the link is on, ie body/footer etc. I will admit we also haven’t used the “Link Partners” aspect of the tool yet, as we mostly just do link attraction here, but it’s straightforward and yet another reason to start using this platform.

Rank Tracking Made Easy (And Pretty)

Knowing where you rank is not only important information to know, it’s yet another addicting statistic that I like to check on a daily basis. It’s pretty straightforward to use and review reports with CognitiveSEO, although the best feature is most likely the rank tracking compared to your competitors. This will alert you to their mega movements or losses, as well as allow you to report to clients or the boss about how you’re doing that day/week/month/year.

Pricing and Contact

I’d like to thank the whole team over at CognitiveSEO and Razvan for being so patient with me and giving me access to the tools for testing and feedback. You can click on the button to the right and try it yourself free for 14 days, and this is not an affiliate link or anything from me, just straight-up free goodies for your to try out. If you’re already on one of other other platforms then I highly recommend playing around with this, because it might just surprise you.

Contact Razvan

Twitter: @CognitiveSEO
Facebook: /CognitiveSEO

“With over 7 years experience in affiliate marketing and search engine optimization and 12 years in programming and web development, he has gone from Web Developer to Super Affiliate for large international networks.”

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September 2  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve been meaning to write about and I finally remembered after using it again this morning. This will be a quick and easy post because this tool has one feature, and it’s handy one. If you quickly need to compare link numbers of multiple sites to get an idea of what numbers the competition has, then this is the tool for you! The tool is powered by OpenSiteExplorer’s API so you know you’re getting some good numbers to go by. So that’s it really, go ahead and start using it because it’s almost a daily tool for us here at Linkbuildr.

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LotusJump Review

January 28  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

It has taken me a little too long to finally get to a short review on LotusJump SEO Software, so finally I’m getting my ass off the couch. You may have noticed the banner ads I have running for LotusJump, and thus taken it upon yourself to see what it is all about. For the rest of you I’ll try and do my best to explain everything this software tries to do. I am an affiliate of theirs so I’ll try and keep my opinion as nuetral as possible, but I’ll still be trying to make some money.

The software is designed for the inexperienced, mostly anyway, and makes link building a little easier for people who don’t have the time to learn or spend hours finding stuff to do. Once you sign up you can enter your website(s) and keywords which then gets populated with tasks via their task engine. This is where LotusJump rises above the rest of the SEO software out there and assigns easy to do tasks that will build up your backlink profile. Take a look at the video to get a visual idea of their task engine;

The tasks offer a diverse link profile once you complete a good chunk of them, and they are constantly updating the tasks to keep you going. The tasks include a diverse directory list to go through, Google Alerts style system to always monitor when someone is talking about your brand or keyword, and as well a whole host of content generation tasks.

So what do I think? Honestly, I am very impressed with it at a beginner – intermediate level and I know over time this will blossom into a task engine with link building tasks for all levels. I think this is a great asset to smaller companies and one man website owners who can’t afford to be link building for 10 hours a day. Another aspect I like is having a task engine in the first place because it’s hard to stay on course and having something to keep you on track will actually make you get things done. The price is also right at only $50 USD per month so you won’t go broke and this will cost you much much much less than a full time link builder.

LotusJump SEO Software - Try Risk Free!

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Calculating TrustRank With Link Voodoo

December 31  |  Link Building Tools, News  |   Ryan Clark

I’m happy to announce the launch of Link Voodoo Beta for the new year and it is the beginning of the project I have been working on with two amazing people. My good friends who also programmed, designed and run InfoBarrel have teamed up with me to put together what will be the most complete link building tool on the them Internets. We need your input on what you like and don’t like about this first installment so please leave comments, bad or good.

So currently what is in operation is the very Beta version which calculates a pages TrustRank score based on a set of factors we determined. We want to help people determine if they’re getting links from quality websites, or pages and make your link building efforts more worth the while. This tool, plus a few tweaks, will always remain free and the next installments of “Pro Tools” we will bring on board will be available at a very reasonable cost. I cannot say much about what that will entail, but I assure you it will make your mouth water!

So as I stated in the first paragraph, we need your user input on what sucks and what doesn’t. Please bare with us as we fix things and break things. If anyone bloggers want to write about the tool I would be more than happy to bring you on board for sneak peeks and what’s coming next as well bring you on board as Pro Tools testers.

Currently you can see all the factors that determine your TrustRank, and within a week we will have full backlink and anchor test reporting so you can check your links, or your competitors. We will also have a keyword ranking/position tracker in place soon enough to make it more complete. So I hope you all find this useful and I’m looking forward in hearing some feedback!

Click Here To Try Link Voodoo Beta

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