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Which Link Building Techniques Will Google Penalize Next?[Poll]

December 22  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about certain link building methods that will eventually end up getting drowned out like directory links and paid links in blog posts. Since I’ve been writing this blog and link building full time my eyes have been opened wide to the amount of places to build links, and even the amount of new places opening up. Obviously the easiest methods will be the ones to get abused the most, and I’m starting to wonder what’s next in line for a good old fashioned Google smacking? I’m hoping to get enough votes from you folks to determine what you think it will be, and get an insight to what you’re seeing getting spammed the most lately. I’ll write my explanation out below for reasons why I have them on the list, and if you think I missed an important technique on here let me know!

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Do Follow Blog Commenting: I know that do follow blog comment is a two way street and can either be beneficial or get you in the dog house. I’ve put this option on the list because these days I’m seeing a ratio of 90% spam comments/anchor’s and about 10% in real and quality comments. Since the commenting process can also be an automated one, we’ve all seen auto commenting scripts in the wild doing a nasty job. I can easily see sites getting into “bad neighborhoods” because of excess amounts of spam comments on their site, which would lead to a penalty for the spamming site.

Submitting .pad Software: Well this is still a great method for building solid links on very authoritative software sites, I’m starting to see the spammers making use of this technique for unethical reasons. It has gotten to the point that I’m seeing people selling Ebooks with this as the prime “secret” they teach amateur online marketers to gain top ranking spots. I imagine in the near future these software download sites will start getting looked at just like the directory industry has, and if you take a look there are a lot of low quality software download sites with this type of spam all over them.

Forum Signatures: This link building method had me wondering if I should even mention it, but like I stated before about methods that are easily automated will generally come under the ban hammer, this is one of them. Now I am not against getting links via signatures if you’re active on a niche related forum, and there not just to spam your siggy. But I’m not seeing companies who offer forum signature links and spamming by the thousands, and this is setting off a flag in my mind. It has me wondering if Google might eventually come up with some sort of quality checking.

Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is a great method for not only building links but getting targeted traffic as well. There is already a strong spam presence on almost every
bookmarking site out there, and with the sheer number of them popping up is going to dilute the amount of link juice you would have once got. I can easily see the same thing that happened to the directory industry to social bookmarking if it isn’t already happening.

Linkbaiting: Linkbaiting is by far the hottest link building method to come out recently and its great for getting links, but most importantly links from related sites. I like this method because it forces you to first create great content to earn those links, so there is little room for evil….keyword here being little. I’ve seen a good number of ‘out of context’ articles with linkbait titles and sometimes just downright misleading information. Because this information can be seen by a large volume of readers this can pose a serious risk to influencing people for good or bad.

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The Link Building Cookbook By Collin Lahay

December 1  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I’m not sure why I didn’t think to make a post earlier about the best online resource for link building strategies. Collin Lahay has been blogging about link building for a couple years now and is without a doubt the most enjoyable blog to read on the topic. I’m almost preaching to the choir writing about this because I’m sure most of you have been following the Link Building Cookbook feaverously for the past year.

What is the Link Building Cookbook?

The Link Building Cookbook is a guide for webmasters to quickly find websites that they can get to link to their websites. In a nutshell, this guide provides hundreds of places to get to link to you so that you can get more search engine traffic in a lot less time than building links the standard way.

The Link Building Cookbook is updated very frequently, and features thousands of places where normal webmasters would not have thought they could build links to their website. This guide helps you find “the diamonds in the rough,” or in other terms, the best places to build links without paying heavy amounts of money.

Collin has 36 entries so far plus a few misc link building tactics for you to spend countless hours working on! The guide is full of mostly dofollow link building strategies and what I love about it is the fact you won’t find this information anywhere else. There are a ton of blogs out there dedicated to link building that offer nothing but philisophy and I know you all know that I hate that. So thanks for letting me rant and I hope you folks go and subscribe to his feed and enjoy the innovative ideas Collin brings forth. I also want to clarify this post was in no way paid or offered, it’s out of respect for the great information he’s worked at putting out there.

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Link Building With Forum Signatures Part 1

November 10  |  Forum Link Building, Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

link building forum signatures

Ok so everyone talks about link building with their forum signatures, but I’d like to actually show everyone the effect these links have been having on some of my campaigns. I’m going to be offering my link building services on a lot of the webmaster forums that I’m on, so this would be a good time to put on a public campaign so everyone can see the results. I’ll be laying out which forums I’m on in the follow up post entitled “part 2”, and I’ll be using forums I’m only taking part in socially, and for business. When I get clients, and for myself, on forums I make sure they’re there to participate and not just spam around. I’m aware some of my tactics are walking the line, but someones gotta do it.

This is currently where I stand for some of the keywords I’ve been attacking. Since the blog is only a few months old, it is still been somewhat of a battle to climb to where I am now. I imagine it will be another few months to get top 10 for link building, but I’m thinking with this forum campaign we can make this move within the next week or two. I’m not looking to get top 10 just yet, but for 3 chosen keywords I’ll not be building any more backlinks for those anchor texts except for this signature experiment.

A lot of people put all the websites they can in there signature, I’ll be adding only 3 links all to Linkbuildr. As of right now I know I’ll be doing one to the main site, and two more links pointing to internal pages most likely my link building services and link building tips or podcast. I’ll be taking a normal role in the forums chatting and helping people out while offering link building services. Hopefully everyone will get a better and more clear view on how powerful signature links can be, especially from related forums.

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