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Link Building Links To Keep You Going For Today

August 29  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve been quite busy in the last couple of days sorting out my move and hacking up my theme behind the scenes. I’ve got another post coming which I might get out later tonight…depending on how my girlfriend feels about that. I’ve managed to set a video interview with one of my favorite startups which happens to be local and growing like wildfire. Info Barrel is a new revenue sharing content site that is based out of Vancouver and they’re going to let me harass them for a day on video. I’ll be putting together the episode as my first Link Building Podast although I didn’t plan it to be video based, so I think most of them will still be audio.

I need to get the Link Building Forums promoted better, which is part of the reason I’m hacking up the theme. Another big part of the theme hacking is to help monetize the site in a way that doesn’t clutter the readers eyes with ads. I want to get all my link building services offered and presented in a way that is pleasing to the eye, and in a spot that still will help pay the bills. I’ve stopped a lot of my affiliate marketing efforts for now to give this site a huge focus.

Angela Moore is now bored that the Olympics are over but it has sparked her creative brain to come up with the Link Development Decathlon. The idea is a competative link building competition where we’d compete for rankings scored around a tight ratings system.

1) Research Steeple Chase – Every link builder worth their paycheck knows that finding good links requires a ton of research. This event involves jumping hurdles of low quality sites and slogging through the mess to find the coveted high-quality, relevant sites. Points are given for each site found in one hour; deductions are made for sites that have low quality factors such as hidden text, link farms, and irrelevant content.

Jazial Crossley has written a cool, short and to the point article entitled The Lowdown On Deep Linking. What I really liked about this article was the fact that a case study was brought into backing up the facts, and not just rehashed information we all know already. I will be the first to admit I need to work on my deep linking game.

If anyone wants to write a guest post while I’m down and out for the next couple of days get in touch with me, and I’ll be glad to review what you’d like to write on. And one last thing before I bust out to get back to PHP code and Photoshop, the owner of Digital Point is in some hot water over cookie stuffing although it could be a wicked link bait experiment.

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It’s Going To Be A Slow Few Days

August 27  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

Coming up I’m preparing to move deeper downtown Vancouver where I’m currently in an apartment on the beach. I’ve got to move in January and my good friend asked me to look after his cat and apartment for free until then, so I said what the hell. So the next few days are going to be slow on the link building news front because I have to finish a few things up for a client. So on that note if anyone needs some consulting work to formulate a link building strategy that’s 100% custom to your businesses niche, give me a shout.

I’m also still wanting to draw you guys into the Link Building Forums so we can get that going, but I’m aware it’s going to be another 6 months before that place is all hustle and bustle. I’m in talks now with a new moderator who can bring a lot to the forum due to his career in the SEO game, so more on that soon. I’ve managed to get within the top 10 on the first couple of days for the forum which should help a little bit but as I’ve stated before, I really think the link building niche is yet to take off as much as it will.

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Link Building Forums & Podcast

August 22  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

Hey everyone! Thanks so far for all the support, comments and tips you’ve sent my way and it has kept me going strong. I’m in the process of setting up two more items to help with your marketing quest, and that is a new Link Building Forum and what I think will be the very first Link Building Podcast(?). I’ve bought and I will intergrate it into the blog and get working ont he Podcast.

The forums will try and go deeper into link building and cover topics regarding both do and no follow. I want to get more into social network link building, forum link building and provide a section where bloggers can exchange blog posts and guest posts in order to find new ways of attaining quality links.

The Podcast will in the beginning cover all my favorite and current forms of link building, and once I get all the basics out of the way I will start doing interviews and cover the news. So if you think you’d like to be apart of the show, get in touch with me asap!

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