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September 4  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

MyBlogJournal’s project born in June 2006 from a Erc Investiment Company. It has begun to develop a revolutionary project to create a new relationship between media and consumers, with the intention of making the consumer from passive to active. Our thoughts and our philosophy embrace the “web 2.0” and “open source”. MyBlogJournal is a really cool service to blog socially and become a part of the community that can manage the blogosphere in a “Wikipedia” like manor. The site is already populated with millions of articles from thousand of internet magazines and blogs and every kind of images, videos and podcasts according to your interests. You can also sign up and add your blog to be listed within the chose category which also shots not only traffic, but some link juice back your way!

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Link Building Blogs Squidoo Lens

August 16  |  Social Media Sites  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve just published a Squidoo lens on my favorite link building blogs and I’d like others to send in links to be put on the lens. If you want to link back to the lens feel free as I will be also building some links to the page to give it some juice. I created the custom rss feed with mashing up all my favorite blog feeds and combining them with RSS Mix. I’ve also left the guestbook open for commenting and the ability to place content relative back links within the comments. If anyone has anything to add at all, or wants to input their own module into my page I would be fine with that.

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