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December 16  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve been playing around with Link Diagnosis for the past few days and I like what I’m seeing so far. So what is it? Well thus far it is a free link analyzing tool that digs out a whole bunch of data on the backlinks of any given domain. So far you cannot analyze a “deep link”, and only the main url at the moment, but from what I gathered on the Link Diagnosis Blog, that will be coming in the near future. This web based tool requires a Firefox plugin in order to calculate the anchor text used when linking, as well as other data it gathers. I highly recommend playing around with it yourself because you’ll quickly see what a nifty tool this is for seeing the data you need in a visual way.

So as for what does this tool all do? To start it analyzes all your backlinks via Yahoo’s Site Explorer, so no finicky Google reporting. The beauty of this tool is that it doesn’t count all the dozens, sometimes hundreds, of backlinks from a single domain which really don’t count. This makes for viewing everything much cleaner and faster! This tool also reports back with what anchor text you were linked from, and then makes a top list of all the anchor texts so you know what you need to work on. Link Diagnosis also uses a formula to give each page you are linked on a certain strength, quality score, trust rank…whatever you’d like to call it. The formula used for this is;

How is strength calculated?

PR=5 , 10 outgoing links
Power(5+1,3) / 10 = (6 power 3 ) / 10 = 216 / 10 = 22

Strength is calculated as follows:
\n Strength = Power(PR + 1,3) * 4 / links

Link Diagnosis also reports on what your top linked pages are as well as the strength of those pages. I’ve been really watching my anchor text distribution for good measure and this has made my life a lot easier. To top it all off you also get a couple of nice graphs that show you your pagerank distribution as well what percentage of links you are getting…as in good, meh and crap. I’ve taken a screenshot of a report on Linkbuildr.

So all in all I can’t wait for more from the folks who make this tool! I hope they come leave us all some comments on what’s going on lately. As I write this they are working on an updated free version, as well as a paid version which will have a bunch more features…none that I’m aware of. They’re looking for feedback so if you’d like to give them any, you can drop your comments at this blog post.

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