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Link Building With Micro-Blogging Platform Kwippy

November 14  |  Link Building, Social Media Sites  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve been searching around looking for do follow micro-blogging platforms because I’ve seen a huge increase of Twitter clones. A lot of these services don’t allow anchor text, but with a proper friends list and do follow links going out you can still help increase the link juice flow from utilizing a service like Kwippy. Kwippy is very much the same as Twitter except for the do follow link features in your updates, aswell there is a section to store public bookmarks socially and get some more link love from that. The platform is well put together and is very easy to read so it might make a good place to get some marketing done.

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Loren Baker On Expanding Your Linking Niche

November 11  |  Link Building Videos  |   Ryan Clark

Gain a competitive advantage by identifying verticals which attract like minded users and expand your vertical linking to include these types of publishers.

Here’s the first post under the Link Building Videos section which will start bringing in more social elements to the site. I’m a big fan of Search Engine Journal and I was pleased to see quality videos coming from one of my favorite authors over there, Loren Baker. I’m going to be situating the Link Building Podcast on the new tube site for Internet Marketers called IM Broadcast, and you can check out Loren’s User Profile for more videos.

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Link Building & RSS Promotion With Aide RSS

August 26  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

AideRSS is a really slick interface that parses your favorite feeds by its own rating system called the PostRank. This system takes in many variables of the blog post such as amount of comments, rating and inbound links to the post to determine which ones you should most likely be reading. I’ve been using the software for a while now out of pure personal enjoyment, so take your time and check the site out. This site is put together by a cool group of people that really take an interest in the site so please don’t abuse the services they provide.

You can watch a screencast which shows you the basics of AideRSS and what it is for, and how to use it. They introduce the concept of PostRank, the core technology behind AideRSS, and how it can help you find and read what matters. Within the system you can enter your blog(s) and as you’ll see upon viewing my AideRSS page how your backlinks are produced. They also take in effect your posts “rippel effect” in the social media world such as Digg, Delicious and others. They have managed to hold a Goolge page rank 7, so that means they’re doing something right in the 2.0 world. The more feeds you pump into their system the better AideRSS gets.

Our company

Based in Waterloo, Canada, AideRSS Inc. is a privately held company created to help deal with daily information overload, and our overwhelmed feed readers. Utilizing the latest cloud computing technologies, and distributed algorithms we created the PostRank™ filtering process. With a great mix of strong technical and creative talents, our team continues to innovate on finding new information management solutions.


The folks at AideRSS have been featured on Leo Laporte’s TWiT and all the major blogs such as Mashable and Life Hacker. The entire team’s bio is online as well a look into their office life on Flickr. They also happen to be hiring, so if anyone has some programming skills give them a shout.

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Squoogle Anyone? Who Can Guess What This Is?!

August 14  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

Squoogle is a site I managed to miss until my good friend pointed it out to me. It’s another nicely put together place to drop links to your social media articles. I used to just make a squidoo page and just bookmark it here and there, but now I got a private list of places that will take my lens. Currently Squoogle offers only these few sites;

  • Gather
  • Squidoo
  • Hub Pages
  • Associated Content
  • Launchtags

These social media and social article sites are a great place to build links on due to the social nature that Google is loving right now. As long as you make your pages quality and well written you have nothing to lose. If anyone has anymore sites to submit your pages to add them into the comments and I will add them to the list.

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Sniffing Out Competitors Back Links For Your Gain

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August 14  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I follow a lot of great affiliate marketing and link building blogs on the web and come to admire a lot of smart people out there. One of my favorites is Colin LaHay’s “Mixed Market Arts” because his blog is one of the few that has actually taught and old dog new tricks. His Link Building Cookbook is the best laid out blog post on the subject of getting links in 2008.  His blog is a perfect example of someone who I regularly check to see where his top back links are coming from, and what new ones he’s acquired. A quick glance shows that his pet project RSS Hugger is providing his site with some great link juice. If you haven’t signed up for RSS Hugger I suggest you do so for free here.

I believe in doing this for every campaign because you can not only get the same links your competitors have, but you can also determine what they’re doing thats been successful within that niche. This is all assuming within the top 3 ranking sites in the niche you’re after.

Lets say for example you’re marketing a site targeting “Las Vegas Car Rentals”. I’m going to post the results I get from my browser here in Vancouver Canada, so they will be a little different when you search…this is fine though because I can still get my point across.

Dream Car Rentals has built a good amount of back links over time and as you all will be able to tell, would take some time to overcome. From the first 20 back links I snooped out on Dream Car Rentals I could obtain links from %40 of them because they were a few obvious social bookmarking sites and car rental directories. I can also see a few links they’ve paid for within the mix.

Another aspect to look at is how the top bloggers are using link bait to get an ungodly amount of one-way links to their site. Hate him or love him, is a great domain to examine in detail because there are few people who can attract links like him. I’ve learned a lot from gaming both and in regards to link baiting.

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Link Building & Marketing A Podcast

August 14  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

Well I’ve been offering Podcast marketing for my clients lately and I’m having a lot of good success and positive feedback. If you have a podcast and would like to get it exposed a little more all the while building links from podcast directories and search engines. A lot of the Podcast directories have a great PR and a ton of link juice ready to be passed on.

First and foremost go with the age old gem of a tactic and join a few, or all, of the forums within your Podcast’s niche and get involved. Make a few solid replies to topics or get right in it and start off some new threads, but the whole point is to build some sort of a post count up. Get your Podcast in your forum signature to advertise to the thousands of people on the forums.

I won’t go into huge detail and list off 100 podcast directories, but you’re link building maniacs so you know the drill. If you want more than provided, hit up Google to sniff out all the other Podcast directories. For now I’ve made sure to list off the top Podcast directories that will not only bring you links, but actual listeners.

pr5 Podcast.comSubmit Here

pr8 – Submit Here

pr6 Submit Here

pr7 Submit Here

pr5 Submit Here

pr5 Submit Here

pr8 Submit Here

pr7 Itunes Submit Here

pr4 Podcastdirectory.orgSubmit Here

pr7 – Submit Here

pr7 – Submit Here

If you’re making a quality Podcast speciliazing within your niche, then you should try and get it listed on a relevant Wikipedia page. I’ve seen a ton of legit and well done podcasts listed in Wikipedia and there shouldn’t be a problem as long as you’re *not spamming*.

Don’t forget to use Google search to find literally hundreds of Podcast directories for you to add your Podcast as well get links back to your site.  And finally I’ve been experimenting with a link trading technique which is quite simple….trading a verbal link in the Podcast for a blog post on a related niche blog. I’ve had a lot of success contacting blog owners within my niche and setting up an arrangement to either have them on the show, or plug something they have going in exchange for a post about the Podcast.

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