InfoBarrel Steps Up Local Content Marketing With Easy Google Maps

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December 6  |  Inbound Marketing  |   Simon

Our buddies over at InfoBarrel have introduced a new element for their hosted content we’d like to share with you. This one improves their content’s local effectiveness with an easy way to throw in Google Maps. If haven’t used InfoBarrel or stumbled across some of their content on Google, let me fill you in. They’re a popular content hub built on submitted content that’s all human reviewed to keep the quality high. Unlike many automated content hubs that were full of overtly promotional and low quality content that keep taking hits from Panda Updates, InfoBarrel continues to rank high.

With 20% of searches being local, making a quick and easy Google Maps function is a big benefit for InfoBarrel users. Also, 74% of local searches using portals such as Google, they make a solid choice for hosing your content. And if you’re not looking to expand your link profile, don’t forget Infobarrel’s rev share program, so any content you post stands to make extra money through Adsense, Chitika and Amazon.With the success of content marketing depending completely on its value to the reader, InfoBarrel ensures they only host useful or interesting content. This makes it a high-ranking site to share unique content to an active audience, score a relevant backlink and build up your following and a author profile.

We all know we’d rather not spend time searching for an address ourselves, so check out the short Youtube video on using the new feature. And I’ve included a recent infographic below from MDG Advertising on the state of mobile search.


Infographic: Local Search Evolved by MDG Advertising
Infographic by MDG Advertising
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Article Marketing That Doesn’t Suck: Infobarrel Does It Again

August 2  |  Brand Building  |   Ryan Clark

It’s no secret that most content/article marketing these days is dropping in quality at a rapid pace. This is surely not the case for a lot of content hubs out there, especially with InfoBarrel. By now I imagine most of our readers have heard of them, are using the site and or have planned to. While a lot of content farms got hit in the Google Panda update, Infobarrel keeps on thriving due to its strict content policy and quest for quality. This site is a gem among ugly ass stones my friends!

Why am I writing about the site again? Well they recently added a feature that will further their quality standards to new heights. If you’re citing a reference you can now implement the location as well as bibliography information. This is quite unique and super helpful for those serious writers looking to keep their content thriving in the SERPs.

This is the kind of good stuff all content hubs should have, but only the best of the best will adapt and continue to rank hard. You can choose from many different sources to attribute including books, encyclopaedia’s, magazines, newspapers, dictionaries, websites and reports. Linking out to credible sources is a must in my opinion, and this should really go to adding more authority to their site. If you’re not writing awesome content on here then you’re really missing out! Forget about the link benefit and go for the juicy traffic that you can score from their authority ranking power.

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Dinner With The Info Barrel Crew: The Poutine 2.0

December 16  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve been out here working on our upcoming link building tool which should hit beta within the week. I can’t say much about this tool, but when it launches you’ll all get the gist. But luckily for us the Beta will be a very small taste of what we got cooking. Speaking of cooking….we decided to go out and make the most disgusting and fatty food we could think up. We succeeded. The entire set of food cost around $65 Canadian and we could barely eat a third of what we made.

If you’d like the recipe for the Poutine 2.0 you can check out Info Barrel! This mess was at least 6000 calories each bowl and I can honestly say I’ve never felt so sick in my life. This should keep us going for our all night coding session. I’m thinking of auctioning off the left overs on Ebay..any takers?

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Link Building With

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August 14  |  Social Media Sites  |   Ryan Clark has recently launched into the world of making money online and article writing. If you’re looking for a new place to get out original, quality content to the masses then this is the place for you. It’s free to sign up and as I like to usually mention to not spam this service, but rather put something great and unique up. The Infobarrel system has measure in place to keep quality control in order which is a key feature a lot of the other social media sites are lacking.

To put it in less words, is a Shared Revenue Social Media Community. We are creating a venue for writers, media producers and other content developers to publish their material and create an extra revenue source.  Not only do we want to help content producers, but we also want to attract visitors from all around the world with information that provides value to their daily lives.  Whether the value is created through  a simple how-to tie a tie article, a salad recipe or instructions on how to make an amazing cocktail, it is our goal to be your information destination.

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