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November 30  |  Link Building, Social Networks  |   Ryan Clark

I recently discovered which is an online social media profile that allows you to create a content rich bio for the world to see. Gooruze is do follow and allows you to add links in your bio, blog entries, articles and import your blog’s RSS feed right into the page. I really like the ease of the site and it’s a great way to network for business and friends online within the same niche. The software used to run the site feels like a mix of Linkedin and Squidoo which I really like! I’m going to be filling out my Gooruze profile today, so check it out to see what kind of options there are but beware my page isn’t quite fully loaded yet. I did notice a weird issue when filling out the bio…when you add links it formats it on a new line and I’m not sure why, so let me know if you get this issue as well.

Gooruze is here to help. A ranked advice community for online marketing professionals. The Gooruze difference is dedicated, ranked, quality information. The content is created by members who share real online marketing experiences and insights in the form of articles, answers and news. The content is tagged, rated and commented on by the community to deliver a constantly evolving online marketing knowledge base.

Gooruze is a great place to promote and create unique and quality content, so this is not a place for you to go and spam all the live long day. Please respect the website and although you can build quality links, make sure you’re contributing to the commuity at large. If you happen to produce some quality articles on there you can make the front page in many ways, just take a look at the picture in detail or visit the site. If you’re ready to join in on the fun over at Gooruze you can register here.

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