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Google Panda(Farm) Update Help Roundup

March 10  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

The Google Panda/Farm update has been cleaning up the crap, filtering the high quality and still leaving a blender of scraped, low quality content all over the top 10 rankings. While the first bit of time after any big update usually leaves many with headaches, there are solutions and changes in the works. Google has already acknowledged that tons of quality sites caught wrongly f$%^!ed over, but as time ticks on this isn’t going to do for some. We’ve gladly made it through, and any of the “dupe” content we may have doesn’t teeter over the 20% mark, so phew!

I do what I can with my spare time to help people out in Google’s Webmaster Forum, and I’m seeing a ton of big name sites coming up with issues. It usually ends in speculation from too many ill-informed consultants and SEO weekend warriors, so I feel for the people seeking true help. This has inspired me to do what we can and round up all the good info on the Panda update for people seeking questions, help and answers. I would be more than happy to have you folks drop some links I missed in the comments that are helpful because I won’t catch them all.

google panda farm update

First up we’ll start with the most useful and resourceful posts that came from the greatest minds in the SEO field. So many great people did a lot of research, great writing and the outcome was more than amazing. It also saved us from having to jump on the bandwagon and try and make sense of it all…for some this update sure didn’t make a whole lot of sense!

Google Panda Update Analysis & Research:


Kristi Hines beat us to the punch with a much better job…I was half way through this post until I noticed her write-up. So while I had to erase a thousand words or so, I’ll just lock it up after this and link her post which sums it all up. Kristi is from the marketing firm Vertical Measures, most of you most likely know that already but they’re awesome so they deserve another link from us.

The post that beat me to it:

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