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January 27  |  Link Building, Social Networks  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve just discovered this morning while link building for a client. I’m still kind of groggy but I managed to not let it slip under my radar. To start off it looks like this social network was launched in October of 2007 and has seen some decent growth despite the growing number of social networks popping up all over the place. They hit 100,000 members last April and the growth wasn’t explosive until late this year, and it has been building up quite a storm every since. Here is a look at the Alexa graph since its launch;

The site is packed with features that you would find on most social networks with a few different twists. First of all their spam protection is heavily tweaked and does a decent job at keeping the place clean of junk. Secondly, the site has a large user base of people above 20 years old which helps keep it somewhat mature. User profiles are well put together and don’t resemble anything close to the ugly themes of Myspace.

As for link building, it is possible to use their bookmark system which is dofollow and if you take part properly, will get indexed when your user profile is indexed. Since the site has a lot of user activity it is in your best interest to take part and connect with people who have the same interests because you’ll quickly get knocked off for spam.

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