Link Building With Flixya.com

August 23  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the next update on my list! I’ve been link building with Flixya because it’s a great site that combines social media such as videos, photos and articles into one giant website. You can add your videos, photos and the juicy part is that you can write an article and get a do follow link within your “About Author” section.

Flixya also is a revenue sharing website so not only can you get a backlink and traffic, but you can get some adsense revenue for your efforts. I imagine after another year of link building on all these types of sites and I’ll get a decent monthly income. This site promotes quality and unique content so best get out your thinking cap and write something good.

The site is also VERY active in its own community and there is a lot of traffic to be gained from this site. Since it was started out as a video site it initially got a lot of members and traffic, but they sooned realized they’re going to need a different angle to compete with the slough of similar sites rising. One last tidbit of information before I go, and that is you get 100% of the Adsense revenue from your works.

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