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Do EMD’s Still Work?

February 11  |  Inbound Marketing  |   Ryan Clark

A hot topic in the past year has been whether or not EMD’s still work and if you should bother with them. The answer is highly debated yet I’ve never seen someone bring up actual search results to give examples. There are a few different reasons why you’d want an EMD, but if you’re planning on building a real brand then don’t put all your eggs in this basket.

The big reason they’re so sought after are due to the affiliate marketing perks and the ability to spam the living shit out of that anchor text/keyword. You truly are allowed to get away with quite a bit of junk link building when you’re rocking an EMD. I wouldn’t bet on this as a solid long term strategy, but there is definitely some easy money to be made with the right domain.

I was meeting with a new hotel client today based out of Thailand and was quite shocked at the results for “Thailand Hotels”;

This is a very competitive market and I’d expect that most emd’s in the .com/net/org varieties is going to rank quite easily. A quick look at the backlink profile shows that the first ranking site is there will very little effort. His own network of other Thailand travel blogs was enough to land this site a no1 ranking spot on Google. The site is also pretty much entirely made up with duplicate content so you’d think ranking for a keyword like that wouldn’t be so easy?

So let’s take a look at a few more queries to get an idea of what’s going on in a rang of niches.

Car Insurance Quote



Payday Loan

Miami Real Estate


Student Credit Cards


RC Toys



You can search all day and see strong signs up EMD’s working just great. If you look at the ones ranking in tough verticals you’ll notice they’re not thin. If you build up a solid website with great content around an EMD then it looks like you’re in for some #winning for a long time to come. As always, I’ll ask for you folks to chime in and let me know what you’re feeling and seeing around in the search results these days.

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Exact Match Domains Getting A Second Look: Matt Cutts

November 18  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

While I imagine most of you are also closet affiliate marketers, so I’m sorry to break this news to you if that’s the case. Exact match domains are well known to easily rank for their target keyword, and for the most part, they should. At Pubcon this past week Matt Cutts managed to briefly bring up that him and the Google Webspam team will be taking a closer look at the “power” that comes with these types of domains, saddening some while pleasing others. Unfortunately for the SEO Pug, he is not so pleased!


I for one am not too worried though for a few good reasons. One being that if you maintain a quality site and build that exact match domain with all the goods, you should be fine. Just like any other site right? While currently you can rank an exact match domain without much effort, it still takes really good content, a proper site structure and quality links to push it up to the top. I for one have no problem with this because you’re site could not be any more focused for one topic. I also say this because it’s a strategy I personally employ for my side cash, and with my caffeine addiction, I need all the extra money I can get my hands on! There is quite a bit of good discussion going on this topic so read up and let me know what you think here in the comments.

Exact Match Domains vs Google Discussions:





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