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Real Estate Link Building With Student Housing

May 14  |  Niche Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

This is just a quick little real estate link building tip agents can think about, and hopefully put into action for their website. Getting .EDU links is always held higher in the minds of SEO`s and webmasters, while this is mostly true, keep in mind why they`re sought after. Because with that being said, it is very possible to get a low quality link from a .EDU domain. Spammers have ruined a lot of pages within the university space going after open blogs, forums and guest comment forms..the usual. This tip is fresh, can`t be abused by every other niche on the market so I feel it`s worth discussing in public.

I recently helped a real estate agent client of mine get a few links from local universities by offering student housing web services. There are usually many houses open with a lower rent for students, so we created some content to help attract links from the .EDU TLD. The client had a resource center written up with a quick and cool PHP based tool to search for both students and renters. Basically we created a database both users could come and look for places, or submit your student housing resource into the mix. That combined with a huge article knowledge based on student housing resulted in a few juicy links.

So how did we actually get the links? Well, that`s where I came into play and emailed the appropriate departments about the resource. Most universities have a student housing resource section, so look around to see if something in your area exists. I recommend playing around with this Google command to get you started.

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