Distilled Conference Taste Test!

September 8  |  Link Building Videos  |   Ryan Clark

The crew over at Distilled is well known for not only their great content or their highly respected marketing services, but for their conferences as well. The most innovative minds in our industry speak at these conferences on the more advanced and cutting edge topics. They sell these now on their website, and I could not be more happy to recommend that you buy these without hesitation. You’ll see from this taster video what you’re in for and some of the brilliant minds who are sharing invaluable knowledge. I also recommend checking out their Youtube profile for a whole bunch of great videos that are really worth the watch!


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Linkbuildr @ The Excel Tire Conference

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February 5  |  Brand Building  |   Ryan Clark

Geoff and I (Ryan) had a blast this weekend with the Excel Tire Company for their AGM. We had the pleasure of speaking to the company about the delights, and blights of marketing online as they shy away from print advertising and media. While we had to talk to a room full of owners and staff who had all ready taken in over 8 hours of meetings, we’d like to thank them for their patience and time.

We’ve been helping their company re-brand themselves and get not only a more more search engine friendly web platform, but something more socially integrated. This is obviously a hot topic for businesses in all local communities, and they’re certainly taking it to a level above their competition. While you can imagine the last thing on a mechanics mind is sending out a tweet to his peeps, they certainly embraced the options we presented during our speech. The theme was to help them understand how they can reach a more targeted local user, both with a nicely built WordPress site, as well with a mindful social media campaign to engage the local clientèle.

The event was hosted at the River Rock Casino & Resort just outside of the Vancouver area. This is quite the place and the staff was great at the casino despite not having any time to waste some company money at the poker tables. The conference was thoroughly and thoughtfully planned by Jennifer @ The Finer Details, and had everything running smoothly. If you’re running a conference in the Vancouver area, she’s the go to person to keep everything organized so they deserve some link props!

The highlight of the night was when Excel Tire graciously took us out to a dinner theatre called The Giggle Dam. They do a themed event which includes a lovely dinner, but even better, one hilarious show. I’ve been to a lot of events in Vancouver before, but this one took the cake! If you’re not one to enjoy being made fun of, or put on stage and embarrassed then this place isn’t for you. I however will be going back the next time I visit Vancouver!

For anyone else in the same boat, wanting to bring their company into 2011 with a bang then don’t hesitate to give us a shout. We are able to do on-site training and presentations all over North America and Europe. We are located in both Vancouver and Victoria BC if you’re wanting easier access to our team.  We provide a mix of fun marketing ideas with the usual boring statistics and marketing data. We encourage drinking during our presentations, so keep that mind if you’re thinking about hiring us to speak with your brand.

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Link Building Keynote @ CeBit 2010

January 28  |  Link Building Videos  |   Ryan Clark

I was very excited to have found this link building speech by Dan Petrovic, a name most of you should be quite familiar with. Dan does a great 30 minute presentation on link building in 2010 during CeBit Australia and it is very well worth the watch. Dan is the the go to man at Dejan SEO based out of Australia, a company which provides high quality link building among other services.

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SEMpdx Link Building Six Pack of Speakers

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February 5  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

I just saw this mini conference being held by SEM Portland on the 9th of February….so only a few days folks. I’ll hopefully catch anyone in the area who hasn’t heard of these folks just in case they want to catch what looks like an amazing panel of speakers. I’m almost on the verge of catching a flight since it’s only a 60 minute one from Vancouver here, but work is keeping my bogged down as usual.

What made me want to write about this event was the link building topics being discussed. Instead of the usual boring basics it looks like they’re going to be getting into it deep. As you can see from the list of guest speakers below there is no shortage of talent.

On February 9th, a panel of link building experts, will take us through:

  • Getting between the cushions: Finding links where they’ve always been. – Ian Lurie – Portent Interactive
  • Writing & Promoting Link Bait – Scott Fish – EngineWorks
  • Utilizing your existing network for links – Blu Drobushevich – Amplify Interactive
  • Automating Link Building (tools, widgets, etc.) – John McPhee – Anvil Media
  • Building Links to Your Links – Scott Hendison – Search Commander, Inc.

Check out the rest for details, hotel information and the really affordable costs –

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SMX West Link Building Keynotes

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January 8  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

SMX West 2010I’m on the fence about going to SMX West but I’ll still let you folks know what link building topics are on the agenda. I was supposed to go to Mexico in late February, but I might consider a little California instead. I’ve never been to a SMX event but I always hear good things about the conference both inside and outside the venue. There is also no shortage of deals going on in California right now travel wise, but then again this is also true for Mexico.

There are only a couple of link building keynotes which is not bad considering the range of topics they have to cover. The main attraction is Steve Ballmer who is speaking for the first time on the topic of SEM. I’d be interested to hear what he says. I’ve been very impressed with the high quality search platform for images Bing has deployed. Other than that the weather in Santa Clara hasn’t been all that bad and it looks like a great location for an event. To view the keynotes you need to buck up some cash, but to hit the event floor it’s all free. I find this is usually a great time for any conference, just the connections you can make are reason enough.

There is of course an introduction to the fundamentals of link building, as well as the rewards. Disa Johnson is giving this keynote I believe, so if you’re new to all this check her speech out. Having the basics down is just good measure for anyone wanting to make the best of this crazy task.

Danny Sulliven is moderating a panel of link builders for a 15 minute sessions covering a range of intermediate to advanced link building topics. I’m sad to see this section is so short and I hope if the people that do go continue that discussion somewhere else on site. Danny should have an excellent panel on hand so it should be a learning experience none the less.

[old video from past SMX]
SMX Resources & Links:

Search Marketing Expo – SMX West content is so compelling, you’ll want to implement what you’ve learned before leaving the conference. Dramatically increase the number of people who come to your site with ROI enhancing paid search advertising and search engine optimization techniques and best practices.

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