Conan + Twitter Office = Linkbait Wet Dream

April 23  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

picture courtesy(Mashable)

I just read about how Conan O Brian dropped in on the Twitter HQ’s in San Francisco earlier this morning, and it got me thinking. Can you imagine if you had access to this kind of viral marketing? I’m going to be watching closely what impact this has on not only Mashable, but Twitter link wise. I’m really interested to see how many links this will net them in a 24-48 hour period, what do you folks think? I would be a happy man to not have to worry about link building with this kind of networking going on, so is this making any of you think?

I imagine if you’re in the local search market, even a little interview with a local celebrity would go a long way in your linking efforts. This is the type of marketing I like to see happen for a few reasons. This isn’t costing them any money, your users do the link building for you and you’ll even enjoy some branding in the process. Last but not least, you’re also doing something your competitors most likely cannot copy. That marketing, and those links will be a wicked asset to your online ranking efforts and keep the competitor’s in your dust.

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