company directory Needs Your Listing!

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March 16  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

With the recent string of top notch business/company directories I’ve been finding great places to build links, expand your business and build your brand better. I recently talked about getting listed with and, and now I bring you I really like these types of sites as they provide legit businesses with a place to network and build trust online. Currently this website is for US businesses only, so us Canadians weren’t able to sign up and build a legit profile.

The links are cloaked so there’s no link juice being passed, but that’s fine with us. Not every link needs to be follow/dofollow to have value. While there are varying levels of accounts you can get from free to costly, I’d hope the more expensive monthly accounts come with some sort of added benefit…but now I’m getting into paid link territory. There’s not much else offered here that’s unique at the moment other than business advice and guidance from industry professionals. That’s nothing to shake a stick at but it definitely won’t come cheap!

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