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October 8  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve stumbled upon(no pun intended) a new web based website builder that allows you to host a free website on their domain, or get your own domain for a buck as well as hosting for $.24/day. This new website is called Clutter Me. The web interface is a overly easy to use system that allows you to build social media rich websites in no time, and if you like, embed do follow links to anything you’re writing about. Since Clutter Me is quite new the link juice isn’t that powerful, but the folks behind it are pushing the site very hard and within a few months your links should be worth the effort. I highly recommend building a few good webpages within Clutter Me and if you want to make a little money they’ve just opened up an affiliate program. If you’re done reading my rant head on over and sign up for free! As usual I’m going to mention please do not SPAM this great resource, instead use it for what it’s intended for.

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