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February 22  |  Link Building, Social Bookmarking  |   Ryan Clark

Hey everyone…it’s been a while since I updated with some link building tips so I’ve finally found some time to do a few posts. I’ll be starting off with this really cool new site I’ve just stumbled on tonight called Clikball. This site is relatively new on the block but has grouped a whole whack of features I really wanted to see together. It’s essentially a way of sharing top notch content, whether that be funny, weird or breaking news. It also is layed out like a social bookmarking site but combines twitter like followers and easy sharing with friends. This is a great platform to utilize and I hope it becomes very popular. Sadly the plugin didn’t work on Ubuntu with Firefox 3 so I can’t Clikball from my main laptop, so I’ll be testing it out when I’m on my windows box which is not very often.

So getting on with the post here, how can you benefit from using Clikball? Well for starters you get a public profile which includes a nofollow link to your website or blog, and secondly all the links you add are dofollow so they’ll count as a backlink. Remember folks, this is a site for premium content so don’t expect your spam to last long. People with news and entertainment websites will benefit the most from using this service and I strongly warn spammers from abusing this system. So if you’re using this site normally remember to follow others, attract followers and you’ll benefit in the long run when your user page gets indexed.

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