BuddyPress (WordPress) Advanced SEO Plugin

April 23  |  Wordpress SEO  |   Ryan Clark

BuddyPress SEO

I happily use and recommend BuddyPress for any social media venture you might be thinking about. BuddyPress is basically a condom if you will, on top of WordPress acting much more social that she usually is. The features are endless, the plugins are plenty, and my latest tryout is the BP Advanced SEO plugin by Boris Glumpler. This plugin will handle the day to day on page of your index, archive pages, member pages etc. BP Advanced SEO also allows you to do a couple helpful things with your blog posts. You can of course write your own descriptions, SEO titles..the usual good stuff. If you forget to add the on page SEO in yourself, this plugin will generate its own keywords by combining post tags and other user data.

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