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December 9  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

Anne Smarty wrote about this already on a post  called “Why Guest Blogging Is An Ideal Link Building Strategy“, so I won’t go too heavy into it. I’ve been using forums like Bloggeries to find my guest bloggers, but this new site hopefully will fill that void. My Guest Blog is a forum for networking with other guest blog owners. The site is just kicking things off but I imagine it will become a popular network hub soon enough, so join up and start earning some rep!

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301 Redirection Management Plugin For WordPress

January 4  |  Internal Link Building, Wordpress SEO  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve just implemented this awesome plugin across my WordPress blog network, including Linkbuildr, and I’m in love and no longer worry about the problems I would otherwise face without it. Redirection is a WordPress plugin to manage 301 redirections and keep track of 404 errors which if you have a large site can become a mess. If you ever are migrating a domain, or changing the structure if your website you’ll not want to do it without this plugin. I’ve gone back and deleted a lot of old posts that I felt were unethical with my practices, so this is also helping in redirecting the web traffic I’m still getting. I’ve taken the features list from the authors blog, Urban Giraffe;

Features include:

  • Supports both WordPress-based and Apache-based redirections
  • 404 error monitoring – captures a log of 404 errors and allows you to easily map these to 301 redirects
  • RSS feed for 404 errors
  • Custom ‘pass-through’ redirections allowing you to pass a URL through to another page, file, or website.
  • Full logs for all redirected URLs
  • Create redirections based upon a URL, browser, referring site, or login status
  • Automatically add a 301 redirection when a post’s URL changes
  • Full regular expression support
  • Fully localized
  • Export all redirections to CSV, XML, or Apache .htaccess files
  • Import Apache .htacces files

This plug is in the end all for 301’s and 404’s and if you check out the homepage for the Redirection WordPress Plugin, you’ll get a thorough walk through of all the features. For the most part you’ll be able to just install it and configure it as you see fit, and if you’ve never played around with 301’s, 404’s and .htaccess then you’ll need to sit down and do a little reading. So if you’re ready to get rocking you can go download the plugin.

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Micro-Blogging Site List By Rank

December 29  |  Link Building, Social Media Sites, Social Networks  |   Ryan Clark

Micro-Blogging is still going strong and there are a ton of them popping up for every niche and theme imaginable. Some of them allow you to get do follow links so this does fall under the general link building topic, but they also allow you to increase your reader base and grow your website. The stats I’m going to use to rank the sites will be based on Alexa ranking,(unique not site wide links counted)  backlinks counted by Link Diagnosis, and Google Page Rank. If anyone has a site I missed, or even a new one that they’re going to release then you should leave it in the comments or contact me. I like to mention only use these sites if you plan on using them for what they’re intended for, and not just spam them to death. I understand people use micro-blogging services do promote their products and that’s fine, but don’t overkill it.

Backlinks:85 million


3) (dofollow)




Alexa: 365,908

8 )


Backlinks: 171

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Link Building With

September 27  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I just discovered Orble while I was browsing backlinks for a blog, and this is my favorite way of discovering new ways to build links. It makes my life easier finding new content to write about while building links for the site. Orble is a network for bloggers to promote their blogs, attract more readers all while getting help from professional bloggers. What do I mean by getting help from professional bloggers? Orble’s staff provides coaching and helpful feedback so you don’t have to learn by trial and error….we all need help from time to time. Orble also has a mentoring program if you’re new, or just having a hard time getting your blog off the ground. Orble is designed so that good writing gets the attention it deserves. Each blog is promoted on the Orble network helping you attract more readers than would be possible elsewhere with a stand-alone blog. Being part of a blogging network also helps you attract more Search Engine traffic. Within your Orble user page you can get do follow links right back to your blog posts which is great because Orble is an authorative site that provides a very nice juicy link. If you want to NOT SPAM this site and start promoting your content, then go ahead and sign up.

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Link Building With

September 4  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

MyBlogJournal’s project born in June 2006 from a Erc Investiment Company. It has begun to develop a revolutionary project to create a new relationship between media and consumers, with the intention of making the consumer from passive to active. Our thoughts and our philosophy embrace the “web 2.0” and “open source”. MyBlogJournal is a really cool service to blog socially and become a part of the community that can manage the blogosphere in a “Wikipedia” like manor. The site is already populated with millions of articles from thousand of internet magazines and blogs and every kind of images, videos and podcasts according to your interests. You can also sign up and add your blog to be listed within the chose category which also shots not only traffic, but some link juice back your way!

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Link Building With

August 23  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

Triond is a very cool and unique revenue sharing social media site that lets you do so many things. Triond takes your original content and if approved, publishes it on other websites that they feel is the most related to your content. This will also get you a do follow link from their bookmarking system under your user profile passing all sorts of link juice around. So as you can see this is a very interesting concept and it seems to be doing well for people! The more you write and get published, the more links and even author reckognition you get as time goes by. So this is defintely a “good content only” mission that you’ll need to work hard for in order to make it worth your while….no one said building links would be easy!

Click Here To Sign Up To Triond

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Link Building & RSS Feed Promotion With Blogoria

August 21  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

Blogoria is a unique social web service that connects bloggers, readers and advertisers. You can build a profile, add your feed and connect with like minded individuals. Your RSS Feed gets fed into the news network inside of Blogoria, and it brings in new readers to your blog based on user preferences. Your public profile page is where your feed also gets displayed, and one juicy back link to your blog. You can check out my profile here, or browse around to find other bloggers in the same niche. I’m going to finish doing a little link building to my profile and get this indexed and see if this helps. If you want to build your profile and get promoting your blog, sign up here.

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