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Content Scrapers Outranking Your Website? You’re Not Alone

January 27  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

As I went off yesterday about Google going after content scrapers and low quality websites, I also should have gone into this topic a little more. Our site gets scraped by a few sites and while it is getting better, I’m still finding posts I wrote a week or two ago getting outranked by the scraper site. This pisses me off to no end, and I don’t need any more stress in my life that’s for sure.

Matt Cutts has stated, below on video for good measure, that in most cases it won’t hurt your site. He also stated, that it can help out a little if the scraper site links to your site. This is all fine and dandy, the problem I have is all the scrapers I’m dealing with are not linking back, they’re stripping my links and they’re even hot linking my our images. I’ll go into how to attempt to put a stop to that below without having to hire some h4x0r to DDoS the living stink out of their server….not that I would ever recommend that lol.

On our end, from my constant checking, I’ve noticed a few things that I thought would have helped beat out the scraper sites. Google has mentioned that Facebook Likes and Retweets help rank your content, but even after 50+ likes on a content piece, and about a dozen ReTweets I didn’t notice much. I still need to measure what threshold levels are in place for that style of marketing to take effect. I’ve even submitted the best of the content to Digg, Reddit’s SEO section and a few other bookmarking sites we have built up properly.

So about two weeks ago we started using Google’s two new meta tags for content producers which is supposed to tell Google it started here first. If you’re using WordPress, I’ll spare you the time reading my post and you can just go ahead and install WP Original Source and never think about it again. I will say that we’re seeing a huge improvement with our content ranking very well, and our main scraper isn’t even registering in the SERPs anymore.

Some other advice I can give out here is get a few internal links pointing to your content when you can. I’ll even try and see what older, indexed content we have that is on the same topic and find a way to add a link in. Make sure you’re also using a related posts plugin if you’re a blog, just like the one you’ll see below this post. Every little bit helps, but if that’s still not working you can always file a DMCA complaint with Google and their Webhost. Sadly, when I tried this nothing at all ever happened, but I wish you better luck.

Last but not least, this is another good reason to grow your social profiles properly and of course, bigger and better! Having more and more people Retweet and Like your content is only going to help in the long run, even if we didn’t see any movement with it at the moment. This can also lead to Twitter apps picking up your content, and as I’ve mentioned before, most of them follow their links and we see almost lightning quick indexing because of it. I’ll also take this opportunity to BEG you all to Follow us on Twitter because we’re awesome.

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20,000 Links For $250 Please – What The F$%!

January 25  |  Black Hat  |   Ryan Clark

For those of your who enjoyed taking a gander at the hilarious post we wrote in November titled “Can I Get 5000 Links Please“, I bring you an even better one. The freelancer sites are littered with the craziest link building offers one can find. No legit company in the world would be out trying to snag deals like this, but instead these are affiliate marketers going after spam links. This one in particular caught my attention on Twitter and made me almost choke on my coffee here.

The request is for 20,000 links in about 10 days time….riiiiiight. They also state they all have to be dofollow and white hat techniques only. Oh an the best part, they only want to pay a max of $250 USD. While the offer is getting bids from the usual outsourcing companies, there’s no way this guy is going to have his project met in a white hat method. I cannot stress this enough to some of the big brands out there that come to us wanting something like this.

I feel sorry for Matt Cutts and his team having to combat the tens of thousands of websites out there trying to link spam like this, so I’ll be sure to buy him a beer the next time I see him. Keep in mind when it comes to getting a lot of links, do it over time, do it right and don’t spam. We are firm believers of quality over quantity, so build strong relationships on line and the good links will follow over time…not 10 days. The freelancer link builders are only going to get your company caught up in an anchor text filter, or even worse, complete de-listing from Google.

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White To Black Hat Link Building Techniques

November 18  |  Link Building Videos  |   Ryan Clark

This week we’re joined in Whiteboard Studios by Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting. Eric knows a thing or two about link building campaigns, so he and Rand discuss the many tactics one can employ when building bulk links, everything from shiny white hat to shady black hat, and everything in between.

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Blackhats Are Using For Top SERPs

August 18  |  Black Hat  |   Ryan Clark

I spent the evening writing a bunch of new posts for tomorrow and eventually crashed and burned. I’ve been watching Seinfeld while browsing competitive keywords to see how the black hats are gaming Google. I did a quick scan for the top listings in Canada and the US and notice this link in the top 10 A quick search of that URL minus the http:// and you’ll see the typical handy work of Xrumer.

I’ve seen this member profile technique a bunch of PHPBB forums, but this is the first time I’ve seen Mashable used. I can’t imagine they will let this kind of nonsense to go on, but hey it gives me a good look into what’s going on. I followed the link in the profile and then checked to see what other domains were lurking on the same host. Well needless to say this person likes his Viagra :)

Now just incase you’re thinking, yes those links on the profile page are no follow, so there isn’t a real point of spamming good ol Mashable. I don’t quite get why they do this because they have to keep repeating this back link spamming process for a mere 2-5 days of ranking. Slow and steady wins the race folks…

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