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Lane Bryant Banned Commercial = My Favorite Viral Marketing

April 25  |  Viral Marketing  |   Ryan Clark

Sex sells, and I’m quite fine with that. Lane Bryant seems to know its niche well, and when you’re in the lingerie business, it’s not hard to sell sexy. Combine that with a racy commercial that gets banned and a 40% discount, and you got yourself a viral marketing hit. This commercial wasn’t allowed on the air by Fox or ABC, but Youtube has it currently at 1.7 million views and counting. This is another clear cut example of how regular television just isn’t effective, and surely fears this style of marketing. This commercial will most likely see another million views and will have surely paid off itself a few times over.

This is proof in action that content is king, and if you’re in the position to create content like this for your brand don’t hesitate. You can only imagine the type of links they’re receive from this campaign. CNN, blogs, news sites, social networks and video sites galore have all got it mentioned which has resulted in a next level boost in targeted traffic. I thought this campaign was a great example of viral marketing that was still somewhat fresh and in the mix.

I have no clue why they were banned but I don’t think I would have cared all that much if I were doing their marketing. They’re actively engaging the situation via all social media channels, and I commend their efforts! You can see from a nifty little web tool called Twitterholic that within a year they’ve managed to leverage a nice targeted social media following. I hope you folks take this example in deep, because it is a perfect example of getting brand awareness and maximum link acquisition in one go.

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