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Open Site Explorer From SEOmoz

January 21  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

The fine folks over at SEOmoz have just released access to a new and sexy (I know I have a problem) backlink analysis and reporting tool powered by Linkscape. If you don’t already know about the SEOmoz Pro Tools then let me give you a piece of information that should make your mouth water. Linkscape now contains over 700 billion links from nearly 65 billion pages on the web, so that’s a no brainer for any link builder.

Open Site Explorer is a clean and easy to use interface much like Link Diagnosis except it has so much data I nearly had to change my underpants. For the next 33 hours it is fully open to the public for usage so I suggest you get on it and start playing with it. The best part I think is so far from what I’ve seen are the filtering options which is going to make my life a whole lot easier.

Rand just finished up a meaty post on Open Site Explorer which sums up pretty much everything I’d comment on, so go read his post on it. This is definitely going to be worth the purchase if you’re serious about your link profile, and of course that of your competitor’s!

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LinkVoodoo Backlink Analyzer Update

February 23  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

Just a little update on the latest updates on our SEO Tools and what we’ve got implemented, as well what we’ve got coming in the coming 10 days(or so). First up I’d like to let everyone know about the updates we’ve made to the instructions on how to use the backlink analyzer. Some people have been confused with getting the launch.php to run, or have just straight up had problems getting it to run. So we’ve added in these instructions seen below, let us know if everything worked fine for you;

We’re hoping this clears things up a little and helps most people run the tool without any problems. We’re also working on getting a feedback system in place that will archive users questions, and our answers. We’re also thinking of adding in a forum sooner than later so people can discuss any problems with the tool, and with link building in general. The next update we added this week was the addition of the dofollow and nofollow reporting on all the links. You can see them tallied up at the top right, as well the reporting within the link list you get once you’ve run the software.

This is the key numbers list that gives you a quick tally of the numbers that are most important, and now as you can see they’re including the do/nofollow count. From here you can see which links are dofollow or nofollow under each link set for each domain. If you notice any problems with the reporting please let us know so we can make sure everything is running smoothly. We really rely on your feedback to fix issues and make the software better.

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Backlink Checking With Link Voodoo

February 10  |  Link Building Tools, News  |   Ryan Clark

Well we’ve finally launched the public beta version of our backlink analyzer which is still in early development. We’ve tested it on Linux(Ubuntu), MacOSX, Vista and XP so it should run fine on most computers if they have Java installed. We are encouring anyone to leave feedback and comments so we can tweak and improve the software as we go along.

The software runs in two different modes, quick run and full run. The quick run checks a sites entire backlink profile but only reports back one unique anchor text link per domain, instead of the full run which will report site wide links. Yahoo Site Explorer reports everything and we found that this is usually annoying to sift through. We will be soon adding a sorting function that will allow you to list the results by PageRank or Alexa Rank.

If you input your domain and there are already results that means someone has already run your domain through the backlink analyzer. You can choose to view the data or click the “update data” button to scan for new links that may not be listed. This will relaunch the Java app and gather all the new links, and once it’s finished you can refresh the page or click the update option on screen to usher in the new or updated results.

The Pro Tools portion of Link Voodoo will be rolling out the first part after this section has been thoroughly abused by you and me. I still can’t go into details on what those features will be, but trust me they’re going to be schweeeeet.

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Check Backlinks With Link Voodoo

January 12  |  Link Building Tools, News  |   Ryan Clark

Happy Monday everyone….We’ve been working hard at getting the backlink analyzer function working on Link Voodoo and it should be rolled out very very soon. We’ve been taking into consideration all the features we’d want in this free tool and hopefully haven’t left anything out. We’re hoping to get some feedback from you folks before we roll it out and I have provided a screenshot below which should give you a better understanding of what we have in the works. We’re aiming to make it the most elaborate and informational backlink analyzer on the web which isn’t an easy task because there are a few really great tools already out there.

So it covers the usual goodies and you won’t be able to check the backlinks for individual pages until the Pro Tools roll out. If you are not signed up for a free account with Link Voodoo you will only be able to check the top 10 links, but with a free account you will be able to check all of them with full stats. Those stats include anchor text, Alexa ranking, Google PageRank, no/do follow, and the trust score of the site. You will also be able to download the results in a .csv file or in a nice sexy printable/emailable report for your client or boss. We decided to limit non signed up users only because the server costs involved in hosting a free tool like this. So please take a look at the screenshot and let me know what you’d like to see in the backlink analyzer that we don’t already have in or planned.

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