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September 18  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

Finally another update eh folks? Is I stated before I’ve been moving and haven’t had much time to update my websites, but I’m going to sneak in this update on Info Barrel. I’ve written about Info Barrel before as a great new way to promote unique content and gain do follow backlinks. Well its been only a little bit of time, but the site has been taking off thanks to a great team of writers and social media marketers who have been not only promoting the site, but good articles written by members.

Well know they’ve added a tier’d revenue system that allows you to also take a cut of the Adsense revenue generated by the people you refer to Info Barrel. This creates an entirely new money making opportunity that most other revenue sharing websites don’t offer. Since the social content network is very *social*, your chances of earning good dough from content that goes viral is greatly increased. I’ve loved the system so much I’ve stopped using the likes of Squidoo and Hubpages for my articles!

The site has been attracting a lot of well known article writers and I’ve seen a lot of the content go viral which has helped push the site into the spotlight. I’ve been nailing a lot of long tail keywords with barely any work from Info Barrel, and it’s only going to get better! If you want to get started you can sign up, start writing and refer your friends to get in on the action.

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This Week In Link Building September 02

September 2  |  TWiLB  |   Ryan Clark

Hey everyone and welcome to the 3rd installment of This Week In Link Building. I’ve been busy preparing for a move so my posts we’re down by a couple of days, but I still have a whole whack of good information to go into this weeks post. As you may have noticed I changed the design a little, so it may not look the best but it is nicer on the eyes. I’m back full time for the next two weeks so keep coming back and giving your comments/flames/thanks within my comments because I love to hear what you folks think.

I’ve been having a good productive day so far and the night is continueing on. I’ve been snooping around for a new place to build some links and low and behold here came Bemba, the social sharing network. Bemba is a pr4 do follow social media site that covers the basics such as videos, pictures and blogs. Another pretty cool feature of the site is its statistics which gives you direct and continuous feedback on your bookmarks. Read the post Link Building With Bemba.

I’ve been trying to find another way to build links that will come off as reputable links and it led me to resume websites. There have been quite a few web 2.0 resume creating/posting sites coming out as well, if you dig deep, there are a ton of old and authorative resume sites. The beauty about link building this way is that you can also sharpen your resume writing skills, and even perhaps snag a few jobs within your industry. Some of the web 2.0 based resume sites have built in wizards to create your online wizard in a snap, which usually includes a place for a backlink. Read the blost post Link Building With Your Resume.

I was scouring Youtube for link building videos, and while having a good chuckle at some, there was a pretty good video series from the folks at Themematic. A lot of people have blogged and discussed methods of using social media websites such as Squidoo, Hubpages(etc etc etc) for the purpose of providing quality one-way links to your main websites. There’s almost no need to exchange links anymore with websites because there are so many one-way link building options out there, why bother? Read the post One Way Link Building Strategies.

Mugshot is an open source social platform sponsored by Red Hat which allows users to compile an online portfolio of themselves from their online social media sites. So basically it lets you build a page filled with content streamed in from your Youtube acount, Flickr account, Delicious bookmarks, blogs and so much more.You can get do follow links from your profile page and join/create groups to promote whatever you like. Read the post Link Building With Mugshot.

As you all I’m sure are aware of of the open source social bookmarking CMS called Scuttle. Well it isn’t anything too special except for the fact it happens to be one of the most popular scripts chosen on many many many niche based social bookmarking clones. Within the past year there also has been a launch of ScuttlePlus which is an improved version of Scuttle with a few more features such as do follow, administrator panel and advertising control. Read Link Building With Scuttle.

AideRSS is a really slick interface that parses your favorite feeds by its own rating system called the PostRank. This system takes in many variables of the blog post such as amount of comments, rating and inbound links to the post to determine which ones you should most likely be reading. I’ve been using the software for a while now out of pure personal enjoyment, so take your time and check the site out. This site is put together by a cool group of people that really take an interest in the site so please don’t abuse the services they provide. Read Link Building & RSS Promotion With Aide RSS.

When it comes to directory submission I usually don’t do it by the masses, but when I need to I can always rely on SubmitEaze. Version 8 has just been launched and there is no secret about this program, it just works like it should and can get very profitable if used properly. I think we can all agree how much submitting to directories sucks the big one, so any sort of automation is good in my books. Read SubmitEaze Version 8 Launches.

Listable is a social and do follow list creation tool for online lists. As most of you know it was first blogged about by Collin in his Link Building Cookbook, so I take no credit for this discovery. So basically you can create lists which can become great do follow backlinks which can be voted on and ranked socially to help make your list as accurate as possible. Read Link Building With Listable.

I’ve been compiling a very large list of forums that are do follow and have a section for website reviews which are a great way to get some some feedback as well snag some juicy links(ooo sexy links). Most of my readers are aware of the sections that Digital Point and V7N provide for website reviews, so I’ve hunted down a lot more for your personal link building enjoyment. Read Link Building With Website Reviews On Forums.

To no one’s surprise, Ann Smarty has once again written a friggin great article on link building entitled 6 Ways To Build Links With Your Graphic Design Skills. I’ve one of these techniques for a bunch of different clients and she just opened my world to a whole bunch more. Ann always writes quality articles with new information so I’d get her feeds into your reader!

Andy Boyd of Setfire Media has written a must read article on How To Build Links To Linkbaits That Don’t Go Viral. He touches on so many different methods on how to still make you or your clients linkbait be worth its while. This is a great article because with all the people trying to get their content seen, it’s getting harder and harder to pop that viral bubble.

The fine folks over at SMM Guru have put together a mammoth list of do follow blogs ranked by PR…how mammoth you say? About 1114 blog posts that do follow. Again I’ll pipe up with please only comment if you’re writing something related and good, because we all know these blogs are about to get spammed the f&*! out!

That’s it for this week so I urge everyone to send me their links to be included in next weeks post. You can reach me on Wicked Fire or by hitting me up on my contact page. I’m going to be quickly writing a couple more great posts right after this so stay tuned!

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