ViralHeat Now Tracks Pinterest Analytics

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August 14  |  Social Media Sites  |   Ryan Clark

I know a lot of you businesses out there are playing with Pinterest a lot lately and thought you may find this of interest. ViralHeat is one of my favorite web apps for tracking social media use around our clients and my own brands. Take a look at what they’ve got going on now and I really urge you to try out their free service to see if it fits your marketing needs.

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Hootsuite Adds Social Analytics..We Likey!

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March 27  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

We use nothing but Hootsuite here at Linkbuildr, and them being a local company makes it even sweeter. I love the web version which I use everyday, and the mobile version doesn’t fall too far behind. The software is a god send and the new social analytics features look like a helpful addition to the overall set of resources within this web app. The main attraction to these features is the ability to garner real time happenings during your social media campaigns. There are just over 30 new features that will let you make all sorts of crazy awesome reports, things your boss will love as well as your knowledge of any given campaign.

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March 11  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

While the social web grows uncontrollably just like the normal web has done, there is too much to do and too much to track. How much statistical data can one take? Well, just a little more thanks to I’ve been utilizing a few different methods of tracking our Facebook Likes and ReTweets from across the digital landscape, and recently we’ve been running the free trial from this neat little web app. To me, the URL shortener, ReTweets and FB Likes are nearly the same as a link. so wouldn’t it would be great to know just exactly how many you’re getting to your content?

The feature you’ll also find a huge bonus to this social tracking system is its ability to track trends from blogs in your industry. Jaxified can measure not only your blog, but blogs in your field so you see how their content is performing. so you can spot trending topics and write better content. It can find breaking viral stories and show you who the key influencer’s are for each post and conversation. This is huge for identifying what’s going on in real time and interact as the buzz is taking place…brilliant!

There are a whole slough of other features within their platform, so I highly recommend checking out the demo for a good look. The pricing plans are well affordable, and any business serious about their social presence should be looking into a tool like this. The more time you can save, the more knowledge you have, the better off your company or business will be in the long run. If anyone out there has used Jaxified, lets hear what you think and especially if its helping your business.

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