How Long To Recover From Panda?

May 9  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

While no one really knows how long it takes to recover from Panda, or even how to, I’ve just read something that might help. Tom Critchlow from Distilled got a few moments out of Matt Cutts via Twitter and asked him these few questions. Thanks to Webmaster World for catching this and sharing. I’ve been trying to break down what all is inclined for a recovery, and so far from testing there hasn’t been much in the way of a solution.

Ever since I posted our help with Google panda recovery service we’ve been getting an influx of emails from businesses all over. We’re seeing a whole whack of issues from ultra poor content, thin content backed by bad linking techniques and the odd site that has us stumped.

So for those wondering how long does it take to see some positive gains from your efforts, here’s a conversation on Twitter that should enlighten a little. While I’m sorry there’s not much more, this should elude to the fact that another round of updates could hit for the good….or for the worse!

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